1. gromit 9 years ago

    Wow… No Sonia Bompastor in the team… It’s really a huge surprise… Does that mean there was a personal problem between Sonia and Bruno Bini ? Or between Sonia and other players ? Does the fact that Sandrine Soubeyrand is still there mean that will go on until the Euro or only that she’s there because Elise Bussaglia is injured ? Wouldn’t Kelly Gadea be a better choice than Ophélie Meilleroux ? Is Kheira Hamraoui the best choice as “the” new player ?

    Many questions…

    Let’s notice that Laetita Philipe is selected but she is injured (will she play again this week-end ??) and Céline Deville being injured too, Sarah Bouhaddi is back…

    On English side, no surprise…

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