So I haven’t written anything for a while but I really wanted to get something off my chest…..

The past few weeks all everyone asks when they see my daughter is “Hi, When are you leaving??” It gets frustrating sometimes and that is always followed up with “What will you be studying when your over there??  Now if this was a boy going over to America to play soccer/football the first question would be the same but the second one would be “Which club did you sign with?” Why is it that there is such a big gap between mens sports and women’s sports. Why is it that  a women who gets signed to play for a club everyone just assumes that its for studying at a Uni….Im sure if women were paid at all and not have to work for a living and actually train 24/7 that they would be the same quality game as the men………..

Even over here in our own W-League the players of Adelaide United do not get paid a cent while the Men and the youth team get paid to play…They get all travel and accommodation when the team is away paid for but thats it. While the youth team is not paid very much it still helps them with not having to work…My daughter last year when playing in the top league of this country worked 38 hour weeks as well as training 3 nights a week (four times a week before the start of the season) and then playing on the weekend and then was told to do some private training if she wanted to make it any further….Most times she came home from work exhausted ( not having a sit down job but on her feet all day long…) She plays for the love of the game….she always has and always will, but its so hard to keep going sometimes..

Now she is going over seas to play the game she loves but she is giving up so much to follow her dream….She has had to quit her job. She was going to sell her car but we talked her out of that, (she will still need it when she gets back) She has tried to save money for when she goes away as she wont be able to work where she is going but that has been hard with all the bills that have still been coming in….That is where my husband and I have had to step in and take over her bills while she is gone…We don’t do it for thanks…We do it because this is her life, she would not be the person she is today without soccer/football. She has played the game since she was 5 years old its a part of her and always will be….

So we sacrifice. Isn’t that what you do for your children…To give them what they dream for..To encourage them to follow their dreams no matter what….People ask me why she never went to Uni after school but I always answered  “what would she study?’ She never really studied at High School. So what is the point in spending all that money on Uni when she wouldn’t do the work anyway… From since I can remember she has always had a ball at her feet so we spend money on what she is happy with, what she loves. I only wish my someone would have done that for me…

So Ive gone off topic again as I always do….

When will mens and womens sports be equal…..probably not in my life time and not in my daughters but hopefully my grandchildren will benefit someday. And she knows that and she is happy just to be given this great opportunity to play over in another country, to learn of a different culture to see different sites and learn what a real BBQ tastes like American style.

I am so proud of who she is and the beautiful person she has become and I know she will always be happy as long as she has a ball at her feet…

Till next time…

  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    @Jo I think it could be, purely down to her fitness 🙁

  2. Asa 8 years ago

    @Beverley thank you for the insight into women’s football in Australia,100% agree with you I would do any thing to help my children,well done to you and your whole family in keeping the dream alive

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