Personally getting fit is a mental thing as well as a physical thing….

I know I have always been a person that wants to get fit but when it comes to it, I do the first stages of it then make up excuses why I cant continue. (sore back, ankle hurting, too cold, too hot)

So how do you help someone like this…do you push them or encourage them?  I know if someone tells me I have to do something then I’m more inclined not to do it….So how do you encourage some one…

Ive been trying to do this with my daughter over the past couple of weeks..Unfortunately she also has the same trait as me although she has something great to work towards, so to encourage her is not that hard but every now and then the excuses start to creep in…

So I have started to do the core exercises with her…this way she pushes me and she has some one to do them with. Its so hard when there is 2 of you doing the drills to make up excuses. You can try but the other one will talk you out of it..

I will probably have to start running soon as well but we will climb one hurdle at a time…

I’m sure she appreciates the help, in fact I know she does. You can always tell.  It helps her too as she lets me know when I’m doing the crunches wrong….which is a lot of the time…I’m very uncoordinated so trying to get my legs moving at the same time as my upper body is just wrong…

So by the time Rach goes to America I should be a little fitter anyway….5 weeks to go…

  1. gromit 8 years ago

    F-T : France 0-2 Australia

  2. Asa 8 years ago

    Good luck with getting fit

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