Ghana joins the few African countries devoted to women’s football with the launch of its first ever National Women’s League. The launch confirms the commitment of the country’s football governing body towards the development and promotion of women’s football.

The 12-club league, organized by the Women’s League Board of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) will kick off on Sunday, December 16. The participating clubs have been divided into two zones of six teams each, Southern and Northern; based on the geographical location of the teams.

The Southern Zone is made up of Cape Coast Ghatel Ladies, Soccer Intellectuals, Hasaacas Ladies, Ayoola Ladies, Immigration Ladies and Volta Amalga Ladies; whilst Bolga Ghatel Ladies, Reformers, Lepo Ladies, Ampim-Darkoa Ladies, Fabulous Ladies and Ashtown Ladies constitute the Northern Zone.

According to the organizers, the top placed clubs from each zone after league format will engage each other in a one-off match to determine the National Champion, with the bottom-placed clubs relegated to the second-tier division.
There will also be a playoff involving the two teams that finished fifth in each zone, determine the third club to be relegated from the premier division.


  1. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    If Patrice Lair was the manager of Japan he must be yelling on top of his voice. 😀

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