Goyang Bridge was in place for the ultimate women’s football in 2012. Bridge 29 days’ IBK Industrial Bank of WK League 2012 championship held at Goyang Stadium in the second leg 3-1 victory. Bridge in the 14th minute to start the opener of the best ungbi the second half 30 minutes and 34 minutes in the car play goal burst continuous victory. This Bridge, Hyundai Steel I fall in the second half of extra time, a goal Retrieved skunk to escape must be satisfied. 1-2 first leg 3-2 on aggregate, overcoming a first-leg 0-1 defeat, 2012 WK League Champion was crowned. League Two game losing streak after last year, and WK League since 2009 championships, including the first year of the third trophy was put in the hands Bridge lost the first leg match unfolded since the beginning of the offensive. Co. Stars, Vol.? Letchworth Beauty and the maximum ungbi, cotton, etc., was to strengthen the attack. And scored the opener in the 14th minute, Primarily rain. Binarization of cross body blow pops the ball into the Hyundai Steel golmang choeunghui galratda up momentum Bridge Co. Beauty Stars and antelope? attacks pyeolchyeot but did lead by scoring a free kick before the fall of Hyundai Steel counterattack began.



Replace several players of both teams with a late start, and attempted to change. Bridge and committed the attack axis of the car body is in poor condition, do not save dwotdeon Koihime chapter not greedy for more bone exposed. replacement was successful. 30 minutes late throw ryujieun of Poitiers Letchworth Piranha car Hill Romo pass to see play, took to the center of the arc to hit shall enter the left foot wound burst into the next medium-range shooting. Shooting Hyundai Steel’s draw a beautiful trajectory golmang shook Moment natdeon reveal the true value of the car Koihime late 34 minutes, even after the car play a ball across the opponents capitalized on a mistake chaetgo left foot medium-range shooting wedge goals scored. Hyundai Steel in the second half of extra time before the fall free-kick goal rally, but was virtually Bridge championship clincher moment was a lack of time. Bridge eventually WK League champions a 3-1 victory and a spot in the rose.


Source: wkleague.co.kr

Photos: InterFootball.co.kr


  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Please, Canadian friends, do play in a cool way… We need a good German team for the glory of Euro ;o)

    I’m happy to watch young Buchanan again. And of course Christine Sinclair ! And I hope we’ll have video streaming again…

    Do you know how many people are expected at the game ? For the match against Japan, more than 38,000 tickets have already been sold or given.

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Congratulations! :):)

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