UEFA appoints Camille Abily, Lotta Schelin, Laura Georges and Verónica Boquete as ambassadors for Women’s Football Development

Greece sets out the future for Development in women’s football

Driven by a special development program and dissemination of UEFA, the Women’s Football Development, which has formally joined for at least six months, the EPO has put the women’s football, as one of the main bets for the future.

The main objective of the Federation is present in all its dimension in Greek society the women’s football, especially the girls in school, from the age of 6 years and older. Currently in Greece there are 85 recognized associations of which is active 40 of them. Athletes competing in these clubs is 1.300.

The objectives set, have been divided into immediate, medium, and long term.

The immediate objective of the EPO is in the next six months to twelve months to cause the world’s interest and engage in the development process of women’s football, as many girls and women can attract….. Continue reading full story from the source of content: www.epo.gr


Source courtesy of: epo.gr



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