Yes we have reached the half way mark of Racheal’s tour overseas and she is absolutely loving it over there….Im scared shes not coming back…..Thank Goodness for Visas…LOL

So far she has scored 3 goals for the season with a few assists, Kansas City has won 6 of their games and Lost only 2.. Which is not bad for a side that was bought together only this year with a few using the internet for contact…They now must win at the Playoffs next week to move forward which are in Dayton, Ohio.

The WPSL system I am still trying to work out…Its very strange as some teams are playing 10 games others are playing 8 and then some are only playing 6 times depending on region they are in. The other confusing thing is that you dont play everyone that is in your region. I guess having so many teams in the one League is a bit overwhelming and can probably be a night mare to schedule everything any way.

So hopefully after this weekend, when Kansas City Shock win the playoffs they will then head to the semi finals…although that is still a hazy on how that works as well..In the play offs this weekend they will play Fire and Ice Soccer Club, the team that beat them last weekend, however KCS did beat them the first time they played so it should be interesting match. The winner of that match will play against the winner of Ohio Galaxies and Des Moines Menace. Kansas City has beaten Des Moines once but also was beaten by them, Ohio Galaxies tho KCS has never played so not sure of how good or bad they are, so unsure of how they will go against them.

Now the other thing that is different in this league than our league here back in Adelaide is the amount of girls that can sit the bench and also that it is interchange and not substitution.  Or is it the other way round….lol I can never remember which one is which….any way you can come on and off the field as many times as you like and you can have numerous players on the bench.. In the Premier League and the W-League in Adelaide you can only have 16 (one of those being Reserve goal keeper) on the team sheet with only 4 subs allowed for the whole game.

So this weekend I will once again be glued to my computer watching twitter and up dating the game for my family on Facebook (they havent progressed to Twitter yet) Most of the games have been played at night time in America so I havent had many early starts…In saying that it will probably be different this weekend…lol.. knowing my luck.

If anyone is interested to follow the games this weekend make sure you follow on Twitter or find Kansas City Shock on Facebook.

PS a big thank you to the Rose Family for looking after Rach while she is over there….

  1. Asa 8 years ago

    Great blog Beverley thank you for sharing with us

  2. Author
    Beverley Quigley 8 years ago

    Thank you.

    I guess that way more girls get to get time on the pitch… 🙂

  3. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Great blog Beverley, thank you. It’s great to hear about the positive progress by Racheal and the Kansas City Shock team! I really hope they win the play-offs and go on to win the Final!

    I never knew they had a substitute system like that! I can not decide if I like the idea of that or not lol.

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