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It is hard to grasp exactly how intense these short seasons are as we see ourselves half way in after yesterday’s away game vs. Toronto Lady Lynx.

After travelling to Laval last week, the game away against Toronto was our 4th game in a row on the road. Toronto and Laval are also some of the top competitors to bring home the league title.

We came out of the Laval game with a 1-0 win, which is a representative score to the game. A game that we controlled possession but Laval kept being dangerous on transition. I was a bit surprised to see Laval in low-pressure throughout the game, and not sure whether to expect that or not in the coming games. We face Laval again on Tuesday before we battle off a third time at home in July, so I expect tactics to vary from game to game. We still have to focus on our game and get as much as we can out of our own potential.

As far as the game away against Toronto yesterday goes, I can say that we knew what we were getting ourselves into. It is a physical battle every time we go there to play and yesterday’s game was no exception. Again we dominated possession play, but were not successful in breaking down their defense in the final third of the field in the first half. First half we were down by 1-0. Second half we came out stronger and saw ourselves with more opportunities on target. A late goal in the 89th minute had us travel home with one point from this game.

Of course this is considered unsuccessful in our eyes. We go out to win every game, but still we have to be reminded that this is a competitive league, and that is how we want it to be. I will take a hard fought game over a simple one any day. The positives we take out of this game is the spirit of never giving up and coming back from being down a goal. We know we have some stuff to work on before we face them again at home in July.

Half way in, we are still number one in the conference standings being undefeated in 6 games. We have 6 days to recover before we head on to another 3 games in 6 days week next week. Two of those games are on the road against Laval and Quebec City, before we take on London at home.

We will keep on working hard to improve! 🙂


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  1. Asa 7 years ago

    Thank you Lisa-Marie great article

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