Hard Wins For European Trio

Women’s football is a war not for life but for death! This expression is completely proved by European women’s teams at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. The national teams of Germany, France and Sweden with all their forces have played with worthy opponents, such as the Australian, Canadian, Colombia’s and New Zealand’s national teams. Even more, France has met face to face with the world champion – the team of America!
All the three representatives of Europe on women’s Olympic tournament reached the 1/4 finals, but those wins for Germany, Sweden and France were given really hard.

“We are capable for more,” – said the coach of the German national team Silvia Neid after the defeat of Canada and the exit with a scratch in the 1/4 finals of the Olympic tournament, which also broke France and Sweden.

Winners of EURO 2013, the Germans, started with a comfortable victory over Zimbabwe (6: 1), but in the second round of the Australian conceded two goals and could hardly have gone from defeat – 2: 2. Into group F they came only with the second place, since then the team lost to Canada – 1: 2. Twelve previous meetings of these teams ended with victory for Germany, and this time Melanie Behringer opened the scoring from the penalty spot, but the North American answered with double by Melissa Tancredi. Get your own victory with best online casinos.

“The opponent played well, but we can do more”, – said the coach of the German national team Silvia Neid after the match with Canada. “We wanted to win, but couldn’t do it. Now we have as soon as possible to turn this page. If we lose the next game, we’ll fly out of the tournament..”, – Said the captain of the German women team Saskia Bartusiak.

The French national team also was second in its group. The first round of group G football tournament among women in Rio ended with defeat by French women. Their rivals, Colombia’s national team, could not offer sufficient resistance and lost with a score of 4: 0. The Colombia’s game didn’t set out from the very beginning of the match, when Arias sent the ball into his own net on the second minute of the meeting. France continued to pressure and led to a break already with the score 3: 0 thanks to goals from Le Sommer and Abily. Moreover, France team confidently beat New Zealand with a score of 3: 0. But, unfortunately, with a minimum score they lost to world champions – American women.


In turn, in two days before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games 2016, Women’s football teams of South Africa and Sweden had a match at the Olympic Stadium. Teams on the results of the draw were in group E. Scandinavians won. For this, they have just one goal scored, which was scored by Fischer on the 76th minute.


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