Something the Champions League this season is different from previous ones? (2003/2004, 2004/2005)
The main difference is that we both times in the quarter fell to the club, which eventually became the winner of the League and this season the chances of an opponent almost equal.
Are you happy with a toss?
Agree, it is one thing to go to Croatia or Bobruisk and the other in England. It is the birthplace of football, and women’s championship every year and more fun. I think for us coaches, and players will be useful to go there.
Some already have blueprints for an opponent?
We always play our own game and let the opponent himself at our tunes.
Bristol has a roughly similar style with the Voronezh team … … …
The main thing that was for us a positive result.
The composition of the League had already formed?
Yes, last night the transfer window closed and those football players, whom we invited, and will represent Russia at the main club tournament in Europe.
But in the many foreign players that they honored our country are being killed?
Our main goal with the advent of high-quality football players to raise the general level of the team, and later throughout the Russian league.
Young people looking at them will grow and improve language skills, culture and customs of other nations. Moreover, we want to get maximum legionerok and quickly part with them.
So in their place will come a new, more upscale, and our family to catch up to the level of global excellence. Here’s to you over time and growth of the Russian women’s football.
This is probably true for experienced Russian football player. The appearance on the Hope Bosikovoy increases the chances of the team! Even in the psychological sense of energy and Bosikovoy without it – two very different things!
– If I ever doubted for one percent of the benefits of Hopes for a team that had not spent so much time and effort for its new renaissance. And she tries. Bosikova – the! She has a huge incentive to play, and young dechata near such a star will gain experience and grow. In the best condition you will see its old Bosikovu, scoring goals in the Champions League.
So what can we expect from the “energy” in the games against English club?
Victory … .. and most importantly … … … … That’s the question you … … … What is the most important thing in the tank?
Tanker, the shells, the caterpillar … … … … … … … … The main thing in the tank – not crap one’s pants.
That’s the main thing and what will work in games against Bristol Academy. And the fact that soccer players are able to play with us, I think soon everyone will be convinced to Albion.

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    You’re welcome, we are lucky someone is broadcasting

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    Thank you :):)

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