Tom Sermanni

Head Coach of the US Women’s National Team Tom Sermanni Relieved of Duties

US Soccer has announced that Tom Sermanni has been relieved of his duties as head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team, effective immediately.

US Soccer Director of Development Jill Ellis will serve as interim head coach, starting with the USA’s next match against China PR on April 10 in San Diego.

“We want to thank Tom for his service over the past year and half, but we felt that we needed to go in a different direction at this time,” said US Soccer President Sunil Gulati. “We will begin looking for a new coach immediately to guide our Women’s National Team toward qualifying for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.”

“I’m disappointed that things didn’t work out, but I’d like to thank US Soccer for the opportunity to have coached this team and also the staff and players for all their hard work,” said Sermanni.

Ellis previously served as interim head coach for seven matches at the end of 2012

  1. Mia Mon 7 years ago

    Abby Wambach breaks the silence:

    “Everybody out there who may think the players made this happen, none of it’s true.”

    Wambach said it appeared that Sermanni’s philosophy wasn’t matching up with that of the US Soccer Federation.

    “That’s not anyone’s fault. That’s the hard part,” she said. “I wish he was a jerk in some ways because it would be easier. But that’s just not the case. He’s such a good guy. He treated us all with the utmost respect and we couldn’t wish him nothing but the best of luck.”

    more here:

  2. A-Hamm 7 years ago

    Did US Soccer/Gulati panic over Algarve? And are they setting a bad example, by firing him for what Klinsmaan does with the Men’s team (tinkering with lineups). Of course its a bit different considering expectations are lower there, but still.

    Julie Foudy says another factor may have been his more laid back style.

    • WSU 7 years ago

      It seems like they did panic. Which is madness because how does a coach (especially one who is new) learn what his best squad is and what works against what opponent if he does not try new things. Also, Alex Morgan is injured, and she really is a key player, she not only scores goals but sets up a lot for Wambach, Lloyd and Leroux. Tom could have played the safe option and just not change anything from Pia’s Olympic Gold winning team… But, realistically what future does that give USA when you consider the age of the squad.

      That could be a factor, but it still seems confusing. They would have known about Tom’s laid back style of coaching before he got given the job and if they didn’t know, they would have done within a couple of months at most. Although Tom’s coaching style is laid back it does not mean he is a ‘soft’ coach, remember he sent home Lisa De Vanna (probably Australia’s best player) because of an issue that had occurred.

  3. Sebastian Kanty 7 years ago

    New info: here

    and from Lloyd : here

    and from Wambach/Solo: here

  4. Sebastian Kanty 7 years ago

    Tom Sermanni says squad is in really good place now and is in a good position to go forward. 19 of 23 players came & thanked him. #USWNT— Over The Ball (@overtheball) April 8, 2014

    My question, why not all of them?

  5. WSU 7 years ago

    Hope Solo has said on Twitter:
    It’s a somber day for us all today. Tom is simply a classy man in every way, and he will certainly be missed.

    Nice words, very supportive, kind of takes a way the idea that the players had a issue with Tom, maybe it was more of a behind the scenes issue.

    • Sebastian Kanty 7 years ago

      Also read that “some players” visited Tom after the news, but since it stated “some”, it gets me thinking. “Why not the entire team?”

      • Sebastian Kanty 7 years ago

        continuing> The whole team to show a united front, that the whole WNT is behind him, perhaps not for his coaching, but for him as a person.

  6. Sebastian Kanty 7 years ago

    On the bigsoccer forum, the major talking points and theories are:

    1. “The Old Guard” didn’t like that they were put aside for younger talents (I guess “the old guard” are Wambach, Solo, Van H, Rampone, HAO etc, they are quite few)
    2. Sexual harassments or something in those directions
    3. The results of the games played, not necessarily only the Algarve Cup, but the lack of clinical finishing in games were the US are totally dominant.

    All in all, really strange to fire the dude 4 days before the second game against China. If this has been brewing for some time, as some pages/sources claim, then why not sack the man before the China games, or after both of them. Do do this in between seems a bit sudden.

    • WSU 7 years ago

      Do you think the (older) players influenced the decision? I think if the players had a problem with the coach, than that would explain the recent lack of energy, clinical finishing etc. It will be interesting to see how they perform in the second game against China – exactly the same squad and opponent, I wonder if they will play with a different attitude.

      • Sebastian Kanty 7 years ago

        Personally I don’t know what to think, but most people/fans seem to think that “the old ones or one” complained, and this is somewhat the result of that complaint. But I do have a hard time to think that a single or even a group of individuals would have that kind of pull with the head or heads at US Soccer.

        As I recall, US Soccer knew that TS would be experimenting with younger players, cause they themselves knew and wanted “the old ones” replaced or at the very least supported by younger players. I don’t see the likes of Wambach just replaced, since she has done so well in the past, and those kind of players you just don’t replace like that, since the newer ones don’t have that winning mentality just yet. Perhaps make Wambach accept less playing time, but not entirely replacing her all together.

        As I don’t follow any US players except Press on Twitter, cause simply, their tweets aren’t all that interesting or have any relevance to me, I can’t say how they might have been feeling up to this point. Now we will not know, at least for a time, cause according to Julie Foudy’s tweet, the WNT and the people whom it may concern, have been issued an gag order.

        But if they fired Tom for Algarve or for not winning more convincingly, then they are simply very small minded individuals. Algarve Cup may be a prestigious tournament, but it’s till a friendly one, and the only one when a coach might experiment to his/hers hearts content without actually fear of losing games or his/her job.

        • WSU 7 years ago

          Yeah, its difficult to know what to think because it was so sudden. Normally before a manager ‘sacking’ you kind of have an idea that the decision is on its way whereas this one seemed more ‘out of the blue’.

          The real reason(s) will probably never be known in the public. I agree with you about the Algarve… It is a prestigious tournament but it is a friendly tournament and has to be used as a great environment to try new things against top opponents.

          Would they have preferred a manager that would continue with the same tactics/players as was previously used. That would be successful no doubt but eventually – reality comes into play and some of these players will not be able to continue playing for the USWNT, and this is what they need to be prepared for. Hence, the introduction of youngsters who can be mentored by the coach and more experienced players.

  7. vanjory 7 years ago

    I’ve not been watching the ‘live’ USWNT matches but going by what I’ve read for their match report and seeing the youtube vids on the ussoccer channel, I do not see why he should be removed. He has also brought it some youngsters (Morgan Brian, Kristie Mewis), brought back Christen Press, Averbuch, etc. It’s a practise that Pia also did back then. It’s not as if the team suffered back to back losses or lost in a string of 5 games. Imho, it’s fair, pretty good results under him, unless he breached something in the contract. Of course, ussoccer posted it nicely and simply said they wanted to go in a new direction but I’m pretty sure it’s more to than just that. 1.5 years passed and well, they removed him. I wonder who would USSF appoint next, not that I have anyone in mind or a possible candidate other than Pia.

    I’m just in shock.

    • WSU 7 years ago

      Agree with you and I am also in shock. I have been reading responses to the news and many are pointing to the Algarve Cup. But, I think that is just an easy excuse to blame it on, as Ken said (below), the world champion winning coach Norio Sasaki had a poor tournament with Japan in 2013 as he was trying out new players/formations, that is the whole point of a friendly tournament to learn things ahead of the major tournaments. There is more to this that we will probably never know, because when they appointed Tom, they must have been aware of his vision and the direction he wanted to take the team.

      I am not sure who will get the new role, I imagine they already have someone lined up (or in mind) before they publicly sacked Tom – maybe even Ellis will continue permanently.

      • vanjory 7 years ago

        Yep, exactly. Given that they would have already knew TS coaching vision and direction, surely that would already let them know if TS’s vision and direction matches that of USSF’s coaching mission and vision.

        Looks like USSF has a very evil President, who do not give a chance and fires you unknowingly.

  8. WSU 7 years ago

    Maybe we will here more about the reasons later today. The usual enthusiasm and clinical finishing of the USWNT did not seem to be there which suggests maybe something was happening behind the scenes that was effecting game… Because you don’t just suddenly lose your skill no matter the coach.

    It could be they are used to winning 6 and 7-0 against opponents and are not happy with low scoring wins? Who knows… But the decision must have been made for last night’s China match… Because why sack someone hours after a routine win of a friendly match?

    • vanjory 7 years ago

      Agreed on the last statement. It must be something about the recent China win game that could have sealed his fate or that maybe they already given him like 5 match notice to improve things. But whatever the reason, I still do not see why he should be given the sack.

  9. Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Oh my…..Is this all because of one single embarrassment at 2014 Algarve? Then Norio Sasaki should have been out long ago in 2013. Managing the #1 team is a tougher job than usually believed after all.

    Whoever takes over…..CALL BEV !!!

  10. WSU 7 years ago

    Strange timing? He loses 2 games in his time with the team during friendly tournaments in which you expect him to try new players/tactics in the lead up to the World Cup. Maybe there was something happening behind the scenes.

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