Helena Costa, Clermont Foot head coach

Helena Costa has explained the reasons for her early departure from French men’s club Clermont Foot in a statement.

Please note the statement below has been translated by Google and may have inaccuracies. Helena Costa’s full statement in Portuguese.

“I hereby inform you that my departure from Clermont Foot is due to a set of events that any coach would not admit, once revealed total lack of respect as well as full amateurism.

The output is mainly due to that the team manager signing players without my agreement, for a team that I would have to lead, and be responsible, not giving me any knowledge, and having financially viable hypotheses for other signings. I was told by the club secretary for a list of medical tests. Like any any leader of an organization, in this case a manager, responsible for a team, is unacceptable. consider inadmissible to a structure of professional football, the / a manager (a) take note of the signing of new players by Secretary of the Club, through a listing of players who would perform medical tests on the first day of activities.

More amateur becomes, when the team manager, did not respond to emails, or any message sent five days prior to start of work, where every day was questioned by me via e-mail week. The information I got was sent by the secretary 24 hours before the information from the team manager (who was on leave). Upon this fact, by e-mail, I informed Mr. Sporting Director who would have been aware of these hires through secretary of the club, having also reaffirmed my disagreement towards some of them. Requested the missing data, and the same reply, among other things, for example: “You fatigues me avec ton mails, (…)” je ne suis pas ton executant “, (…) je ne suis pas the ta disposition “. Where was stated by Mr. President that all matters relating to the team would be treated exclusively with Mr. Olivier Chavagnon, Sporting Director. equally serious I considered that it was informed last about likely friendlies still subject to confirmation at on 06/05/2014 by email. Once they were subject to confirmation, despite being constantly questioned by me about them, said team manager never responded even to the day of commencement of work (yesterday, 6/23/2014). was supposed to be a friendly game on 6/28/2014, so understandably the absence of these facts directly interfered with the planning for the work, which is my sole responsibility and competence. It was, therefore, compromised. Besides canceling a meeting with technical staff scheduled for Saturday, 21/06/2014, by lack of information on Sunday 22/06/2014 day was also not in the power of information needed to plan (though already late) all week working and communicating it in a meeting with the technical staff held at 19h. Therefore confirm that all work has been compromised, even just a few hours from the start of the season, with forwarded to the Technical Staff, image did not match the professionalism that always pautei me and pautarei.

Faced with so many facts, I asked the President, Mr. Claude Michy, a meeting on Saturday, 06/22/2014, in which not only transmit what if passed, the information that I lacked, and the degree of urgency to plan work. Revealed to Mr Claude Michy, that after the way the sports director, Mr. Olivier Chavagnon revealed carelessness and lack of professionalism, a direct interference in my work as well as it would have made ​​a poor working relationship due to his rude answer, not intended to work directly with the same, or that there surroundings of the work team, since there was no confidence. Right now revealed to Mr President, it might even give up my job, if he meant that the team manager kept connected to the team. Aware of everything the president said he would intervene in person the next day before Mr Olivier Chavagnon before the meeting scheduled for the next day, for 19h, agreeing that not only the work was not being done, as it would have just been sent a crude reply. For reasons unknown, during a day and a half, Mr. President had the phone off and not communicated to me absolutely nothing concerning its decision with regard to the future role of Sporting Director. There were several attempts at telephone contact and the sms messages so that there was communication. Yesterday, 06.23.2014 was the first person to arrive at the club at 6:45 am, hoping for a dialogue with the President. The same has not contacted me, having attended the breakfast / presentation held at 7.30h. Requested, so an official Club an alternate phone number to contact you, having communicated to you at that time my distaste for the lack of communication during a serious situation for me not to have been communicated its decision regarding the role of Director sports, as well as the fact that the day before had been put into direct confrontation with the entire staff, with the Team Manager, without having given me a decision. introduced myself Not to the players, so the President called a meeting in which besides me, was also present Mr. Sporting Director, a Director of the Club, and my business.

After some debate, Mr Sporting Director acknowledged that erred in the way he spoke, as did not inform me of the essential facts and technical work before a no definition of the President referring to your paper, I informed everyone that I wanted to resign, a decision that not kicked since then, even though there has been more dialogue. always said publicly, throughout this project, which was coach, and demanding me with those around me, I wanted confidence and straightforwardness, above all other qualities. I keep following my principles, defending my position and class coaches in the competence and commitment to the work covers. wrote this statement only after reading statements from Mr. President (who always had the best relations), these statements that are not in accordance with what my business, and I supposed the club decided to exhibit at the press conference for the good of the Club and Mr President who had the courage to bet on me. I decided to do so in recognition of their courage and challenge faced, not expecting it after reading what I read. I regret the volte-face. Nothing was so sudden and unexpected, took rather a series of episodes over time.

I still feel the same confidence in my work that I felt when I accepted the position of coach facing the Clermont Foot. I am prepared! Again, I still feel fear, would continue as coach of the Clermont Foot 63 this time. ‘


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