UMF Grindavik 0 – 6 Valur Reykjavik

Goals From:

Dagny Brynjarsdottir 30’ (Valur)

Thelma Bjork Einarsdottir 34’ (Valur)

Kristin Bjarnadottir 37’ 67’ (Valur)

Caitlin Miskel 39’ (Valur)

Rakel Logadottir 54’ (Valur)




Fylkir 1 – 4 Stjarnan

Goals From:

Gunnhildur Yrsa Jonsdottir 4’ 15’ 72’ (Stjarnan)

Ashley Bares 17’ (Stjarnan)

Anna Bjorg Bjornsdottir 77’ (Fylkir)




KR Reykjavik 0 – 3 Afturelding

Goals From:

Marcia Rosa Silva 18’ (Afturelding)

Anna Garaarsdottir 27’ (Afturelding)

Iris Dora Snorradottir 54’ (Afturelding)



  1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 9 years ago

    Laure Boulleau is a left fullback like Sonia Bompastor. Laure used to be her substitute. It’s logical that Laure starts in the eleven in regards if her fantastic beginning of the season and Sonia did a rather disapointing Olympic tournament. But is Sonia diserve not to being part of the France NT team anymore? Hell no…she is still one of the best full back in France. Better than Laure? We don’t know…. We have to see her playing against big team to find out. But yes, not to select a second choice at the left fullback it’s another silly decision from Bini.

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