Ada Hegerberg

Imagine if the two best current players were not playing in the next World Cup? This is exactly what is happening in women’s football!

For the women’s football fans who follow the sport daily, there is no doubt that the two best players of 2018 were Pernille Harder and Ada Hegerberg.

The Norwegian striker, who currently plays for Olympique Lyonnais, recently won the first women’s Ballon d’Or of history.

Already the Danish forward, who defends VfL Wolfsburg, was voted the 2017/18 UEFA Women’s Player of the Year.

Denmark, Harder’s national team, failed to qualify for the next Women’s World Cup in the tough European qualifying tournament, after a brilliant performance from Denmark in the last UEFA Women’s Euro in 2017. The absence of Harder makes me wish that Europe had more spots at the Women’s World Cup.

Already Hegerberg, in a brave posture, quit the Norwegian national team last year, due to her impressions that the organisation was not doing enough to support the women’s team.

Of course, the absence of the two will overshadow a little the brightness of the tournament, but I’m sure, even so it will be a wonderful tournament that we’ll all be watching, whether in stadiums or on TV.

In addition to these two exceptional players, other women’s football stars will be missing in France 2019, so I decided to make a small list with the athletes that I will miss the most:

Ewa Pajor

Position: Forward

Age: 22


Current team: VfL Wolfsburg

Cláudia Neto

Position: Midfielder

Age: 30


Current team: VfL Wolfsburg

Tessa Wullaert

Position: Forward

Age: 25


Current team: Manchester City

Ramona Bachmann

Position: Forward

Age: 27


Current team: Chelsea

Jess Fishlock

Position: Midfielder

Age: 31


Current team: Seattle Reign

Sara Björk Gunnarsdóttir

Position: Midfielder

Age: 28


Current team: VfL Wolfsburg

Tabitha Chawinga

Position: Forward

Age: 22


Current team: Jiangsu Suning

And you, which player will you miss most in the next Women’s World Cup? Thanks for reading, leave your comment below and share if you liked !!!

  1. Gina West 4 years ago

    Jordan Nobbs would be a worthy name to add to this list.

    I am heartbroken that she has been ruled out through injury. She is a top quality player and will be missed, I am so sad for her.

    Hopefully, Kim Little will be back to full fitness and available for the World Cup.

  2. WSU 4 years ago

    Do you think there is a chance that Ada Hegerberg and the Norway Football Federation will come to an agreement before France 2019? It’s madness that she is not involved.

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