News story it has been reported by several sources.

It is revealed that on November 25th that INAC Kobe will sign on business partnership with Olympique Lyonnais next February. President Hironori Bun comments, “I feel like we have a new colleague. Boosted cooperation will be beneficial.”

Part of the plan is to have a spring camp at Lyon’s facilities in February, 2013. INAC Kobe visited Spain in February, 2012, and played a friendly match with Barcelona Ladies, even if cold weather caused a strain injury to Homare Sawa and 2013 plan should be made carefully. Possible plan with the camp at Lyon is to have a series of training matches inviting some European clubs such as Barcelona and Frankfurt (where Saki Kumagai plays.) Commercial side of the plan includes INAC supports Lyon’s penetration into Japanese market.

Bun and Lyon’s Paul Piemontese had a meeting on November 24 in Tokyo to discuss the future plan including players exchange program. Bun says, “Young players of U-15 and U18 age-group can learn from western players until they reach adult age and start playing back in Japan. It will boost not only INAC but Japan’s national team too. Our priority is to build a broad base.”

Both INAC Kobe and Olympique Lyonnais are well financed and spend 450 million JPY annually. Two titans of Japan and France will join arms.



Nikkan Sports Hochi



  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Thanks @Ken – I will add above 🙂

    Looks like we relying on you for updates 😀 

  2. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Sounds great, I think it is good that they work together, and create even more opportunities 🙂

  3. Author
    Asa 9 years ago

    Thanks Ken,just changed source,sounds very interesting for both clubs.

  4. Ken Suzuki 9 years ago

    Please, I am only a second-hand “source.” 🙂

    True source:

    Nikkan Sports


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