The speculation to where Inka Grings will be playing women’s football since leaving FCR 2001 Duisburg is over as she signs for Swiss Champions 2010, FC Zurich.

The 32 year old striker initially was in negotiations with a Russian club but decided to sign with FC Zurich. Grings leaves FCR Duisburg with an impressive record, having played there since 1995, Grings has scored 353 goals in 271 games.
Defender Sonja Fuss joins Inka Grings in the move to FC Zurich, which will be the first time in history of Swiss women’s football at a club that professional players with such successful pasts have signed a contract.
The players will be eligible to play from the 1st September 2011, not only will this be a great boost for the side, it is also hoped that the signings will generate more interest in the women’s football in Swirtzerland.


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  1. John Ternai 9 years ago

    I can highly agree with you @ Sebastian K. But some comments, I must come up with. Unfortunately, I think Hedvig Lindahl wins goalie price. undeserved, she has a supporter in Thomas Dennerby sitting in the jury. But I think those who absolutely should have won this prize is either Helgadottir or Hammarström. The defense, Sembrant say Sebastian, well, I do not know if I agree with that. Malmö has a Sara Bjork Gunnarsdottir in midfield, which I do not have on the list. She has pondus and tremendous eye for the game and never folds down in any fight. I put her well ahead of both C Seger and Anita Asante.
    Then I lack a player like Kosovare Asllani, on the list.
    Trains price I have nothing to add at Sebastian’s thoughts.

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