In their final preparation game before flying to the London 2012 Olympics, France will take on the women’s World Champions Nadeshiko Japan at Paris (Stade Charléty) tonight!


One of the most eagerly anticipated international friendlies has finally arrived, kick off is at 5:15 CET and is live on Direct 8. (Any available links will be provided).


If you haven’t done so already, check out Gromit’s fantastic preview to this exciting fixture.


You can follow the action with WSU here, and on our offical Twitter and Facebook pages. We would love to hear from you during the game.



France Line-up Nadeshiko Japan Line-up

Sarah Bouhaddi (Lyon, 52 capes),
Corine Franco (Lyon, 63 capes, 10 goals),
Ophélie Meilleroux (Montpellier, 61 capes),
Wendie Renard (Lyon, 22 capes, 3 goals),
Sonia Bompastor (Lyon, 149 capes, 19 goals),
Camille Abily (Lyon, 97 capes, 23 goals),
Louisa Necib (Lyon, 79 capes, 16 goals),
Elise Bussaglia (Lyon, 101 capes, 20 goals),
Elodie Thomis (Lyon, 72 capes, 23 goals), Marie-Laure Delie (Montpellier, 40 capes, 35 goals),
Gaëtane Thiney (Juvisy, 70 capes, 31 goals)

Miho Fukumoto (#1: 28y/o: Okayama Yunogo Belle Club),
Yukari Kinga (#2: 28y/o: INAC Kobe Leonessa),
Azusa Iwashimizu (#3: 25y/o: NTV Beleza),
Saki Kumagai (#4: 21y/o: 1. FFC Frankfurt),
Aya Sameshima (#5: 25y/o: Vegalta Sendai Ladies)

Mizuho Sakaguchi (#6: 24y/o: NTV Beleza),
Aya Miyama (#8: 27y/o: Okayama Yunogo Belle Club),
Homare Sawa (#10: 33y/o: INAC Kobe Leonessa),
Nahomi Kawasumi (#9: 26y/o: INAC Kobe Leonessa)
Yūki Ōgimi (#17: 24y/o: 1. FFC Turbine Potsdam),
Shinobu Ohno (#11: 28y/o: INAC Kobe Leonessa)


Follow Gromit’s live text commentary (below).



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  1. gromit 7 years ago

    Young but very mature girl. So interesting, thanks Ellen :o)

  2. gromit 8 years ago

    @Lars who wrote :
    LOM = Lady Of the Match — I just invented it. I thought of DOM = Dribbler of the Match — though DAME makes more sense but I could not make the letters fit.

    Lom in the viking language is a Plongeon in French. I do not know what it is in Japanese.

    GROMIT might be GReatest Of Many Individuals of Talent

    It’s funny and clever you imagined LOM as “Lady of the Match” when it phonetically means in French.. L”Homme, i.e “The Man“.
    I joined your efforts and created in my turn some special awards that Women’s Soccer United could give after every match (non exhaustive list, of course) ! I hope that English language won’t suffer too much.

    DAME award could be “Defender Anticipating Marvellous Erika’s shot.”
    LARS award : “Loveliest Attack Resulting in Scoring
    ASA award : “Anatomically Superior Attacker
    WSU award : “Wonderful Shot (alas) Underrated
    HIROSHI award : “Hottest International Rooky Offering Skilled Headers In fine“. (Please, understand : a goal headed in injury time, “in fine” being Latin for you)
    GROMIT award (I thank you, Lars, for your interpretation of my name but I clearly don’t deserve it) : “Greatest Run Over Midfield In (the nick of tea) Time“.

    Next ?

  3. Rubance chery 8 years ago

    this game was probably awesome, i just like the way they play meaning the french team

  4. A-Hamm 8 years ago

    I don’t think it means much. Any of the top teams can win on any day. Japan, USA, France, Brazil, GBR, Canada, Sweden all have a shot.

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