France will take on Romania tonight (Wednesday 4th July 2012) as part of their London 2012 Olympic preparations.


The game will be broadcast live on Direct 8 at 20:50 CET.


This is the first game for the French women’s national team since playing Wales three months ago in the UEFA Euro 2013 qualifiers. 


Bruno Bini (France national team coach) has already revealed his starting line-up against Romania tonight (below).


France Line-up Romania Line-up
Abily or Soubeyrand
Le Sommer
Mirela Ganea
Corina Simona Olar (c)
Maria Mihaela Ficzay
Ioana Andrada Bortan
Olivia Maria Oprea
Monika Sinka
Raluca Simona Sarghe
Carmen Pop
Daniela Gurz
Anne Marie Banuta
Cosmina Anisoara Dusa




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  1. Ken Suzuki 9 years ago

    Nadeshiko League May 12 results

    INAC Kobe 4 – 2 NTV Beleza
      Kobe: 34′ Beverly Goebel-Yanez, 78′ Megumi Takase, 82′ Ji Soyun, 90+1 Yoko Tanaka
      NTV: 81′ & 83′ Mina Tanaka

    Vegalta Sendai 1 – 1 Urawa Reds
      Sendai: 14′ Hitomi Ono
      Urawa: 60′ Chinatsu Kira

    Albirex Niigata 6 – 1 Osaka-Takatsuki
      Niigata: 25′ Sayaka Oishi, 34′ Megumi Kamionobe, 48′ & 55′ & 68′ Marumi Yamazaki, 59′ Arina Yamamoto
      Takatsuki: 57′ Miyuka Hatanaka

    Goals in 2013:
    8 Beverly Goebel-Yanez (Kobe)
    6 Mina Tanaka (NTV)
    5 Nahomi Kawasumi (Kobe), Marumi Yamazaki (Niigata)

    30 shots and 6 goals were produced by Kobe and NTV jointly. Mina’s 2 goals and Soyun’s 1 goal are very impressive. But the opening goal is the most technical one co-produced by Kawasumi’s aimed feed and Bev’s precise header.

    Mina Tanaka:
    Date of birth: April 28, 1994
    Born in Thailand from a Thai mother and a Japanese father, Mina, technically, can choose from two nations to play for internationally. She scored her first international goal against Germany at 2013 Algarve Cup.

  2. Author
    Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Lol @Gromit I like it (Kim a lttle ;))

    She is one of the stand out players in the English league, a good goalscorer also at an international level, so it will be interesting to see if/how she is fitted in

  3. gromit 9 years ago

    @Women’s Soccer United

    I must confess I just know Kim a little 😉  Not enough to evaluate what she could bring to the “English” team, after it turned into a GB team. So, thank you for your precision, I’ll keep a special eye on her !

    I have no doubt that GB will pass the first stage of course. Who should be its opponent in QF ? Can’t remember. Canada ?

  4. gromit 9 years ago

    I have no particular reason to flatter the Swedish girls, anyway as far as football is concerned 😉 But I watched their matches against Usa and Japan at the Volvo Cup and I found that they could be really impressive… but not all the time. There was clearly a lack of realism for scoring in spite of Lotta Schellin’s huge talent. And the defense was not at the top. But well, they were playing against the best two teams in the world…

    Agree with you about the fact that playing at home should help GB team. Unless its players become paralyzed by the pressure ? Even if this one will be less heavy than the one on Germans’ shoulders last year, it might play against them. And yes, playing in Cardiff when the only missing one in the team is a Welsh player is not very clever…

    I also agree with you about the (un)cleverness of playing friendlies against third level teams (with all respect due to Romanians) when you know that you have to meet first class ones in a turnament. That is a current problem with France. The great thing, for instance, would be to play the Algarve Cup instead of the Cyprus one. Since last WC, Usa and Japan met at least 3 times, they played against Sweden, Brazil, etc. France only played once against England and Canada. That makes a difference, for sure. Against Romania, Bouhaddi (the French GK) touched the ball 3 times with her foot on backing pass from Bompastor or Renard, then Deville quietely handed the ball just once after a long, long clearance from Romanian defense, the audience ironically laughing and clapping… The Romananian team never entered the French 30 yards ! How can you work the quality of your defense in such conditions ? The Us forwards will come more than once in those 30 yards…Can the match against Japan be enough to work on that ? We’ll wait and see…

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