France have an exciting challenge ahead when they face the FIFA World Rank number 2 team Germany in a international friendly on Thursday 29th November 2012.


Over recent months, France have been a dominating force on the international stage, despite their recent successes they were unable to bring home a medal at the recent Olympics and were held to a draw in their recent friendlies against England and the Netherlands.


Germany missed out on a place at the London 2012 Olympics, however they looked strong and earned two draws against the Olympic Champions USA, during their Fan Tribute Tour. 

Both teams have qualified for the UEFA Euro 2013 tournament in Sweden.


Here is Silvia Neid’s Germany women’s national team squad for this fixture. Bruno Bini has also announced France women’s national team squad for the friendly match. The French squad features a large number of players from Olympique Lyonnais, who are currently competing at the mobcast Cup in Japan, and may start to feel the effects of a tough schedule.


Germany Starting Line-up France Starting Line-up

Okoyino da Mbabi

Soubeyrand (c),
Le Sommer,


To be announced


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ARD (Germany)



Germany 1-1 France (Faißt 2′ Franco 24′)






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  1. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    Very unnecessary PK for the Brazilians…the corner went well above all in the PK area, and Göransson and Rosana saw the ball sailing over them. If Göransson just had let Rosana run for it, the danger would have vanished. Instead she hold onto Rosana’s shirt, and down she went. It was a PK, nothing to say about that, but what a wasted opportunity to win this game. Brazil need to step up to be a world class nation again…

  2. Author
    Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    @Brian, I agree! A great challenge, had to be perfectly timed.

  3. Brian McGuire 9 years ago

    Seen very different reactions on Twitter about this game. For me, it was a bit dull in parts, and end of season international friendly with key players missing, especially for Germany. And yet, I thouihgt Germany didn’t really let France do much in the second half at all. Apart from that one skim shot on the bar. 

    Then again, didn’t think Germany deserved to nick it late on either. Hard fought draw which will not scare Sweden or England too much, but as I said, I don’t think that’s the German team that would start if all are fit. Add Marozsan, Kulig and Luisa Wensing to the squad…Alex Popp too. Not saying they would definitely have won, just that I think Silvia Neid is going to have to start playing youth more often between now and the Euros.

    Tell you one thing that did impress me…the slide tackling IN THE BOX. Bloody hell, it’s a while since I seen so many cleanly won tackles where the defender throws caution to the wind and risks a penalty…but in fact clean won the ball. Henning on Delie was superb! 

  4. Ken Suzuki 9 years ago

    Can anyone translate what Georges said? Did she say anything how their recent trip to Japan has (negative) impact on today’s game?

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