Nadeshiko Japan v New Zealand May 2014

Nadeshiko Japan will play hosts to New Zealand Football Ferns on Thursday 8 May 2014 at the Kincho Stadium in Osaka.

The New Zealand squad arrived in Japan on Saturday ahead of their International friendly match against the reigning world champions Japan.

The Football Ferns head coach Tony Readings selected the following squad to take part in the match: Erin Nayler, Rebecca Rolls, Katie Bowen, Abby Erceg, Anna Green, Megan Lee, Meikayla Moore, Ria Percival, Ali Riley, Rebekah Stott, Betsy Hassett, Katie Hoyle, Annalie Longo, Evie Millynn, Kirsty Yallop, Helen Collins, Sarah Gregorius, Amber Hearn, Rosie White and Hannah Wilkinson. View more information on the New Zealand Football Ferns team selection.

Tony Readings commented on the Japan FA website: “This is the fourth time to be here in Japan following 2009, 2012 and 2013. Every time I come to Japan, I enjoy it very much. I like the kind and friendly hospitality by Japanese people. I like Japan so much that I want to come even every year.
We played each other last year and it was a good competitive match. This match is a great opportunity to see how both teams have progressed. This match is important for us, too, as we move forward to the World Cup qualifier and the Olympics.
I am happy that, by doing this match, we can help Japan to get prepared for the important Asian qualifier, but as for the outcome of the match, we can’t help it.”

Japan have called up the following players for this fixture: FUKUMOTO Miho, KAIHORI Ayumi, YAMANE Erina, KAMIONOBE Megumi, IWASHIMIZU Azusa, ARIYOSHI Saori, UTSUGI Rumi ※1, OSAFUNE Kana, KOHATA Shiho *, NORIMATSU Ruka *, SAWA Homare, MIYAMA Aya, KAWASUMI Nahomi ※1, SAKAGUCHI Mizuho, KAWAMURA Yuri, KIRYU Nanase ※2, NAKAJIMA Emi, NAOMOTO Hikaru *, MARUYAMA Karina,
OGIMI Yuki ※3, SUGASAWA Yuika, TAKASE Megumi, KIRA Chinatsu *
*shows players selected for Japan National Team for the first time
※1 Planning to join the team from the morning practice on 6 May
※2 Planning to join from 9 May
※3 Planning to join between 13 May and 19 May

Japan are preparing for  FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015 qualifiers at the AFC Asian Women’s Cup, they are in Group A alongside Vietnam, Australia and Jordan. Nadeshiko’s opening match is against the Australia Westfield Matildas, view the full AFC Asian Women’s Cup 2014 fixtures.

The AFC Asian Women’s Cup serves as qualification for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015.

View full details about the Nadeshiko Japan squad to compete at the AFC Asian Women’s Cup 2014.


Japan 2-1 New Zealand
Goals: Takase 40′, Yallop 62′, Sugasawa 86′

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  1. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    JFA placed the match highlight in youtube.

  2. Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

    Official stats

    Japan 2 – 1 New Zealand
    Japan: 40’ Megumi Takase, 86’ Yuika Sugasawa
    New Zealand: 62’ Kirsty Yallop
    Attendance: 6,685
    Shots: Japan 8 – 6 New Zealand
    Corners: Japan 4 – 5 New Zealand

    Erina Yamane
    Azusa Iwashimizu
    Saori Ariyoshi
    Rumi Utsugi → Ruka Norimatsu (58’)
    Aya Miyama
    Nahomi Kawasumi → Hikaru Naomoto (86’)
    Mizuho Sakaguchi
    Yuri Kawamura
    Emi Nakajima → Homare Sawa (58’)
    Megumi Takase → Karina Maruyama (71’)
    Chinatsu Kira → Yuika Sugasawa (71’)

    [New Zealand]
    Erin Nayler
    Abby Erceg
    Ria Percival
    Ali Riley
    Rebekah Stott
    Betsy Hassett
    Katie Hoyle
    Kirsty Yallop
    Sarah Gregorius
    Amber Hearn
    Hannah Wilkinson → Helen Collins (89’)

    • Author
      WSU 8 years ago

      Thank you Ken.

      What were your thoughts on the game?

      • Ken Suzuki 8 years ago

        I think the game was still another confirmation of what majority people know. The Sawa & Company of 2011 has become the Miyama & Company of 2014. The credit for the Japan’s 2 goals belongs to Miyama more than anyone. (What a high-precision kick feeding!) About Sawa….it’s most depressing to see Japan was way better in controlling midfield before she entered than after. Actually, INAC removed Sawa from roster (even from bench) for 2 games (Yunogo and Chiba) when the team is in great crisis and needs victory most desperately. This fact already tells a sad truth about the “legend,”

        • Author
          WSU 8 years ago

          Agree about Miyama! Some of the accurate passing today was unbelievable and beautiful to watch. In fact I was trying to think of other players in the game today that can match her ability to read the game so well and deliver the ball with such high precision.

          That is sad to hear about Sawa, do you think it is lack of fitness and/or confidence?

          • Mia Mon 8 years ago

            age i guess. but ahh, these kinds of talks depress me. i hope she gets better fitness/confidence wise, maybe reach a kind of renaissance that happens to a lot of tennis players (hello Kimiko Date-Krumm), and in the meantime i put my trust in Sasaki to make the right judgment.

          • Mia Mon 8 years ago

            or maybe she can get tips from Christie Rampone or Sandrine Soubeyrand hahaha j/k

  3. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Full-time in the international friendly: Japan 2-1 New Zealand (Takase 40′, Yallop 62′, Sugasawa 86′)

  4. Gina West 8 years ago

    Japan score one more goal and I might actually get a score prediction right for once!

  5. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    86′ GOAL! Japan 2-1 New Zealand (Yuika Sugasawa scores!)

  6. Asa 8 years ago

    Goal: Japan 1 – 1 New Zealand, Kirsty Yallop 62′, Women’s International Friendly Match

  7. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    62′ GOAL! Japan 1-1 New Zealand (Yallop scores the equaliser!)

  8. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Second half underway: Japan 1-0 New Zealand

  9. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Half-time: Japan 1-0 New Zealand (Megumi Takase 40′)

  10. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    40′ GOAL! Japan 1-0 New Zealand (Megumi Takase scores!)

  11. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    35 minutes played and the deadlock is yet to be broken between the two sides. New Zealand just came very close to scoring, as Hannah Wilkinson heads just wide after Sarah Gregorius flicked on Ria Percival’s corner.

  12. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    Japan line-up: Erina Yamane, Azusa Iwashimizu, Saori Ariyoshi, Rumi Utsugi, Aya Miyama (c), Nahomi Kawasumi, Mizuho Sakaguchi, Yuri Kawamura, Emi Nakajima, Megumi Takase, Chinatsu Kira

  13. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    New Zealand starting line-up: Nayler, Percival, Stott, Erceg (c), Riley, Hoyle, Hassett, Yallop, Hearn, Wilkinson, Gregorius

  14. Asa 8 years ago

    Game Started: Japan V New Zealand, Women’s International Friendly Match

  15. Gina West 8 years ago

    My prediction for this match… Japan 3-1 New Zealand.

  16. Author
    WSU 8 years ago

    I think we may have been spoilt by the NWSL. We may get lucky with highlights?

  17. Mia Mon 8 years ago

    anybody with links to livestreaming for the game later? 🙁 huhu
    (looks like the nwsl spoiled me big time)

  18. John Riley 8 years ago

    How can we watch this game in USA? John

  19. Mia Mon 8 years ago

    looks like Naho has already left Seattle and is back with the squad

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