From 21st to 26nd August 2012, the city of Chernigov will host the international tournament “Cup of FFU” for women’s junior national teams (U-17). It will bring together teams from: Ukraine, Belarus, Iran and Russia.


The tournament schedule:


August 21st

17.30 Official opening of the tournament

18.00 Ukraine – Ukraine 2

19.30 Belarus – Russia


August 22nd

18.00 Ukraine – Belarus

19.30 Russia – Iran


August 23rd

18.00 Russia – Ukraine 2

19.30 Iran – Ukraine


August 24th

19.30 Belarus – Ukraine 2


August 25th

18.00 Iran – Belarus

19.30 Ukraine – Russia


August 26th

10.30 Iran – Ukraine-2

12.00 Official closing of the tournament. Awards


Goalkeepers: Camilla Alekseev (DSP Izmailovo Moscow), Natalia Shakhvorostova (“Alatau” Barnaul).

Defenders: Ekaterina Alekseeva, Tatiana Berezina (both – “Chertanovo”, Moscow), Anna Belomyttseva (“Altai” Barnaul), Elina Lipatov, Anastasia Yusupova (both – CSK VVS Samara), Anna Pratsko (“Kubanochka” Krasnodar).

Midfielders: Alena Andreeva (DSP Izmailovo Moscow), Anastasia Berezina, Margarita Chernomyrdin (both – “Chertanovo”, Moscow), Pauline Tel’pukhovsky (CSK VVS Samara), Catherine Tyryshkina (“Record”, Irkutsk.)

Forwards: Xenia Aniskina (“Kubanochka” Krasnodar), Julia Bocharkina (DSP Izmailovo Moscow), Natalia machine (“Lightning”, Moscow), Alexander Frolov (“Arsenal” Khabarovsk), Jan Hotyreva (“Tsarina”, Moscow).


Women’s junior national team of Russia beat Ukraine to win the international tournament “Cup of FFU” in Chernihiv.

Russians met with hostesses tournament – Ukraine. As a result, our team was stronger – 4:1. Thanks to the success of the Russian national team won the first prize!

Russia – Ukraine 4:1 (2:1)

Goals : Andreeva, 10 (1-0). Andreev, 26 (2-0). Andreev, 44 (3-1). Andreev, 47 (4-1).

Russia : Alekseeva K. (Shahvorostova, 41); Pratsko (Berezina T, 70), E. Alekseev, 
Belomyttseva, Yusupova (Lipatov, 65), Frolov (Bocharkina, 77), Tel’pukhovskaya (Berezina 
A, 70), Andreev Chernomyrdin Machine (Tyryshkina, 48), Aniskina (Hotyreva, 65).

Warning : Aniskina, Frolov Pratsko, Tel’pukhovskaya, Chernomyrdin.

Removal : Tyryshkina, 79.

Nicholas Kocheshkov, head coach of the Russian team:

– It was difficult to match. We fought and rival, and a judge. Was very rough play by the enemy, but the referee tried to ignore missteps tournament hosts. I can say that was a real battle, because Ukraine does not want to lose. At first everything went well for us. In the first time were able to implement two chances to score, but then missed. In the second half, have a significant advantage in the long run, with whom he finished the match – 4:1.

Summing up the event, I can say that the team is really well prepared, but the most important thing – the girls eyes were burning, they all wanted to win. I would also like to thank all of our coaching staff for the preparation of the team. This is their victory!

The results of other matches on August 25.

Ukraine-2 – Belarus 1:1

Belarus – Iran 2-2



  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    61′  Canada Sub: Cameron IN, Tancredi OUT

  2. gromit 10 years ago

    Yes, Iran WNT is good, right. Football is very popular amongst young girls overthere. They had to fight hard to play but – even pore – to have the right to go to stadiums and watch Men’s matches which are forbidden to them, in spite of help by President . I advise you the wonderful film “Off-Side” by Jafar Panahi. I have no doubt you’ll all love it.

    Why U-17 Iran in this tournament with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus ? Maybe only because those countries won’t make a fuss about young girls playing with hidjabs which is allowed by Fifa only since last month. But several countries – including France -have already announced that girls won’t be allowed to wear it when playing.

    I’m very happy to know that those girls, football’s lovers, have an opportunity to play abroad without any problem and show their talent.

  3. Author
    Asa 10 years ago

    Lars good ?,why Iran

    The Iran Women’s National team are good,it will be interesting to see how their U-17 play.

  4. Women's Soccer United 10 years ago

    Thanks for the info 🙂

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