So, here’s my first entry about the austrian league.

I’m not really an expert and my knowledge doesn’t include much details about those teams.

But one thing is true: Neulengbach has been the dominating no. 1 team over long time now. They shortly won the austrian women’s soccer cup for the 10th time in a row… They had several transfers before the start of this year’s season. Two brazilian players (Liese and Monica) returned to Brazil and two national team players (Harsanyova and Skorvankova) from Slovakia have joined the team for this season. SV Neulengach is packed with players from different countries. The club is the perfect platform to present talented players to Europe… Their club is in Lower Austria, not far out from Vienna and offers good facilities for each player. There are many college students on this team but also working players. 

Wacker Innsbruck (Tyrol) is getting better and better. They are packed with lots of valuable players and also 2 national team players (most important one is Melanie Fischer, top goal scorer for the national team). Their club could be mentioned as the most “famous” name in the women’s league because their men’s side is also playing in the national league.

And what I should also mention is that LUV Graz (Styria) played a test match against the U17-team of USA. They lost 2-1 and got complimented by US-coach Montoya. 

There is also an online website for women’s soccer in austria. – it’s in german 😉

  1. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    Full-time: France 3-0 Finland (Delie 33′, 59′, Thiney 37′)

  2. Author
    Ditzn 9 years ago

    I don’t know how many people come to the games over here. As I already said, I have only been to one game once..and that was the ÖFB Ladies Cup final with about 400 people. There are not many people, I guess…

    Yes, there are some players that leave Austria for german clubs… Don’t know an exact number but Bayern München Ladies had 3 or 4 austrian national team players once..

  3. Author
    Ditzn 9 years ago

    It would be Fräulein. But please don’t call me that^^ There is a school league for boys under 14. That’s just the way it is. The school teams aren’t very prestigous and famous like in USA or Canada. They are just for fun in a school league where hardly any people come to watch the games. I really don’t know why they have that “league” actually… I even tried to get in one of those teams..but the trainer-teacher didn’t choose me.

    What kind of a dumb question is that??^^ Seriously, they are wearing normal sports gear, jerseys and normal soccer shoes..

  4. Author
    Ditzn 9 years ago

    No, we don’t have anything like the scolarship system or the university soccer league at all! Our situation is very simular to the one in Germany. If you’re 14-15 year old you look for a club near your hometown, if you’re very talented and good at playing you might have a chance at a support centre for women’s soccer in Austria. I don’t know many girls, that are that good though. The most girls would quit playing by the age of 14, but in our club for example we have girls that only started playing by the age of 14, that’s totally different. We have teams with mixed age groups. It is very simular to the german system. There are school teams but only for boys.

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