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Irene Tobar Interview on Women’s Soccer United

Women’s Soccer United spoke to Irene Tobar, the 25 year old goalkeeper who plays for Rocafuerte FC and Ecuador Women’s National Team.

Women’s Soccer United: Firstly, Congratulations for the classification of Ecuador for the next FIFA WWC! This is the first time your country will play a Women’s World Cup. Could you tell us more about this historic achievement?

Irene Tobar: Yes, this is our first Women’s World Cup, it was a very productive process, all players worked with a lot of effort and since the beginning we propose to classify for WWC, we went through a lot of things, but the final art of the football (el Arte Final del Futbol) gave us the happiness that changed our lives forever.

Women’s Soccer United: Ecuador was drawn into Group C with Japan, Cameroon and Switzerland. What do you think of this group? What are your expectations for your team in the FIFA Women’s World Cup?

Irene Tobar: We have great opponents in front of us, one of them is the current world champion, Japan. We have seen their game and their teamwork, but we are preparing for this, it is true it is our first World Cup. However, we are going to a higher purpose that is to show why Ecuador is deserving of a classification in Canada.

Women’s Soccer United: How is your country preparing for the World Cup in June in Canada?

Irene Tobar: We are making good process with microcycles of training, which are more and more stronger than last year. All of us are with the mentality of the World Cup and what lies ahead for women’s football, more and more people hear and see women’s football and we hope with this openness that is growing over time, that the women’s football is taken with utmost seriousness and respect.

Women’s Soccer United: Tell us a little about your career. At what age did you begin playing, which clubs did you play for and what was the best and the worst moment of your career?

Irene Tobar: Since childhood I liked football, it is part of my life and it gave and still gives to me a lot of joy. I started to play football at the age of six and when I was 13 years old I played in the team of my province, GUAYAS, at 18 I started to play for Ecuador WNT and since then I continue to represent my country, I also played for Deportivo Quito, U. Catolica and Rocafuerte F.C.
The best time for me was the classification for the Women’s World Cup, this is something that I will remember all my life like my team-mates also will and the worst was last year when I injured my ring finger of the right hand in training, I had an exposure of the dislocated joint.

Women’s Soccer United: Would you ever consider playing in a league abroad? If yes, what league would you ideally like to compete in and why?

Irene Tobar: Yes, I would like to play abroad and I believe lot of my team-mates also want to play, but we know that football is something short for us, but I don’t discard the idea of playing in some foreign league, but I also have other projects in my academic life, which I know will serve a lot of help for women’s football in the future.

Women’s Soccer United: Who would you describe as the best player you have played against and the best player you’ve played with?

Irene Tobar: Formiga is an excellent player and although her age she still has this great skill with the ball, she is also a strong and fast player, in my criteria she is an excellent player.
The best player who I am also proud to play with, I would say Ligia Moreira, the captain of the Ecuador WNT, apart from the fact of being team-mates, she is a great friend that I consider a lot, I also admire and respect her a lot, she is a great leader that never surrenders and never gives up.

Women’s Soccer United: Where will you play in 2015 and what are your expectations for the future at your club and national team?

Irene Tobar: My expectations are big, both academics and with football in every way, very important things are coming to Ecuadorian women’s soccer. The Tri Femenina (Ecuador WNT) with this big step and achievement, we all will have the attention of more people, because in this way, the youngest girls which are behind us will want to be where we are today, they are going to strive much more and they will give more emphasis on training, for one day they will be able to wear that jersey that many girls want to.

Women’s Soccer United: Finally, what advice would you give to those youngsters who want to play football?

Irene Tobar: As a child I ever dreamed this, today this is a reality and I am very proud to be a part of this; I say to all: never, never stop dreaming, a person without dreams do not have a purpose for which to follow and however many people say that you will not achieve it, you show them otherwise and over the time you will get what you always wished for, but always as much free will, discipline and attitude. Never too late to learn and you can only depend on yourself.


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