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Philippine national team player and DLSU midfielder Irish Navaja shares a special moment with her mother.

La Salle may have lost the final of the PFF Women’s Cup but in some ways they have won.

One of these ways happen to be a touching story involving one of its players: Irish Navaja.

Irish’s mother, Marrylyn, who was recently diagnosed with Stage III Cervical Cancer, has never seen any of Irish’s football games (only her father has been able to). But that changed last Sunday.

For the first time in two years, La Salle actually had a shot at winning a title. The chance to watch your very own daughter help to win it was something Marrylyn probably did not want to miss. So she decided that she will finally watch her daughter play. And she had fun. A lot of it, in fact. She arrived at the stadium wearing a mask to protect her health, but that and her ailment did not stop her from jumping up from her seat, shouting and cheering. She felt very proud of her little girl. But then La Salle lost, fell 2-1 at the hands of the defending champions and collegiate juggernauts FEU.

Little did she know a wonderful surprise awaited.

The PFF Committee were handing out the awards and announcing the winners when suddenly a very familiar name floated out of the loud speakers. Irish, her very own daughter, had just been named as the tournament’s best midfielder. And Marrylyn’s heart swelled more. She was watching her daughter play in a football game for the very first time, playing her heart out for her team, and already she was able to witness her being honored in front of a large crowd for a remarkable accomplishment.

A truly sublime moment for 18 year-old Irish and her family.

At the moment, Marrylyn is seeking treatment but before any of that will be possible, they need the kindness of friends and strangers. Please get in touch with Irish Navaja if you want to help (Contact # +63 908 2294199, you can also message her on Twitter @IrishNavaja).

Let’s help a proud mother get better so she can keep watching her little girl play.

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