Istria Cup 2016 fixtures

Istria Cup 2016 fixtures.

The schedule for the 2016 Istria Cup has been announced which sees the international friendly tournament kicking off on 2 March 2016.

The Istria Cup 2016 runs along the same dates as the Algarve Cup and the Cyprus Cup, similarly to those tournaments, this year’s edition of the Istria Cup will showcase just two groups rather than the regular three.

Group A: Hungary (B), Croatia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland
Group B: Poland (U19), France (B), USA (U23),Slovenia

Istria Cup 2016 Final Group Standings

Istria Cup 2016 Fixtures

Group/Date Time (local) Match Venue TV
2nd March 2016
Group A 11:00 Hungary (B) 0-1 Croatia
Goal: Joscak 45′
Group A 14:00 Slovakia 1-0 Northern Ireland
Goal: Vojtekova 90+1′
Group B 11:00
Poland (U20) 1-5 France (B)
Goals: Tarrieu 2′, Ouleymatta 17′, 29′, Le Garrec 19′, Placin 55′, Cieśla 90′
Group B 14:00
USA (U23) 3-0 Slovenia
Goals: Groom 13′, Smith 78′, Sullivan 86′
4th March 2016
Group A 11:00 Croatia 0-1 Northern Ireland
Goal: McGuinness 86′
Group A 14:00 Hungary (B) 1-0 Slovakia
Goal: Magyarics 70′
Group B 11:00 France (B) 2-0 Slovenia
Goals: Sarr 7′, Crammer 47′
Group B 14:00 Poland (U20) 0-0 USA (U23) TBC
7th March 2016
Group A 11:00 Hungary (B) 2-0 Northern Ireland TBC
Group A 14:00 Croatia 0-2 Slovakia
Goals: Vojtekova 70′, Hmirova Patricia 83′
Group B 11:00 Poland (U20) 0-1 Slovenia TBC
Group B 14:00 France (B) 0-2 USA (U23)
Goals: Groom 30′, Gibbons 78′


*subject to change.


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