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Japan Nadeshiko League Results, Week Two (Second Stage) 7th September

[Week 2, Second Stage]

Vegalta Sendai 4 – 0 Iga Kunoichi

22′ Yuri Kawamura, 29′ Risa Yamamoto, 78′ Kana Osafune, 87′ Haruka Hamada

Attendance: 1,505

Shots: Sendai 10 – 10 Iga

Corners: Sendai 3 – 1 Iga

Brittany Cameron’s first game in the Nadeshiko League. She guarded the Sendai’s goal for 90 minutes.

Yunogo Belle 1 – 1 Albirex Niigata

Yunogo: 74’ Aya Miyama

Niigata: 27’ Aya Saeki

Attendance: 1,498

Shots: Yunogo 10 – 14 Niigata

Corners: Yunogo 5 – 1 Niigata

Yunogo Belle finished two games of the second stage without using substitution at all. They won the first stage and is running at the top, but with an unbelievable lack of squad depth not to mention that Fukumoto is their only GK. Today their equalizer was (what else?) Aya Miyama’s direct FK.

INAC Kobe 3 – 4 JEF United Chiba

Kobe: 6’ Megumi Takase, 56’ Nahomi Kawasumi, 88’ Rika Masuya

Chiba: 29’ Yuika Sugasawa, 53’ Risa Fukasawa, 68’ Mari Kawamura, 70’ Kozue Setoguchi

Attendance: 3,183

Shots: Kobe 14 – 8 Chiba

Corners: Kobe 10 – 3 Chiba

NTV Beleza 0 – 3 Urawa Reds

Urawa: 21’ Natsuki Kishikawa, 23’ Chika Kato, 32’ Hikaru Naomoto

Attendance: 1,270

Shots: NTV 10 – 12 Urawa

Corners: NTV 5 – 0 Urawa

Two NWSL Nadeshikos played today. Kawasumi for full time, Kiryu for the second half. “Naho” assisted and scored. “Nana” was effectively blocked. (Looks the Beleza supporters forgot to raise the “Gorgeous Lefty” banner.) And both suffered their teams’ defeat.

Match Updates Thanks to Ken Suzuki

#1 Yunogo: Pts=10, W=1, D=1, L=0, GF=4, GA=2, GD=+2
#2 Urawa: Pts=8, W=1, D=1, L=0, GF=5, GA=2, GD=+3
#3 NTV: Pts=6, W=0, D=1, L=1, GF=1, GA=4, GD=–3
#4 Niigata: Pts=5, W=0, D=2, L=0, GF=2, GA=2, GD=0
#5 Chiba: Pts=4, W=1, D=0, L=1, GF=5, GA=6, GD=–1
#6 Kobe: Pts=3, W=0, D=1, L=1, GF=5, GA=6, GD=–1

Elfen Saitama 3 – 0 Kibi Univ.

Saitama: 3’ Rie Azami, 24’ Kaoruko Suzuki, 39’ Eriko Arakawa


Shots: Saitama 0 – 0 Kibi

Corners: Saitama 0 – 0 Kibi

#1 Sendai: Pts=14, W=2, D=0, L=0, GF=8, GA=0, GD=+8
#2 Saitama: Pts=12, W=2, D=0, L=0, GF=5, GA=1, GD=+4
#3 Iga: Pts=5, W=0, D=0, L=2, GF=1, GA=6, GD=–5
#4 Kibi: Pts=0, W=0, D=0, L=2, GF=0, GA=7, GD=–7

Nadeshiko League is suspended for the national team’s Ghana match then Asian Games until it restarts on October 4th 2014.

Match Updates Thanks to Ken Suzuki


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