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JFA announces the squad list for the friendly match against Ghana (9/13) then the Asian Games (9/14—10/4)

Obviously none of the European clubs will release players this time. Not even Yuki Ogimi (Chelsea) and Rumi Utsugi (Montpellier) who were in the AFC Cup in May are in the list. Other notable players missing are Homare Sawa (Kobe) and Miho Fukumoto (Yunogo). Fukumoto’s absence may be a result of what happened to Yunogo Belle most recently. Another GK left the team and Fukumoto is the only goalie now. Yunogo has not yet fully recovered from the crisis they had early in the year. Perhaps Miho has to be protected from any possible risk of injury.

Three players Usui, Masuya and Haza are called to the international A team for the first time.

Nadeshiko Japan squad list:

[GK] Ayumi Kaihori (Kobe), Erina Yamane (Chiba)
[DF] Azusa Iwashimizu (NTV), Saori Ariyoshi (NTV), Kana Kitahara (Niigata), Kana Osafune (Sendai), Rie Usui (Urawa), Hisui Haza (Nihon Sports Science Univ.)
[MF] Aya Miyama (Yunogo), Nahomi Kawasumi (Kobe), Mizuho Sakaguchi (NTV), Nanase Kiryu (NTV), Emi Nakajima (Kobe), Hikaru Naomoto (Urawa)
[FW] Yuika Sugasawa (Chiba), Megumi Takase (Kobe), Chinatsu Kira (Urawa), Rika Masuya (Kobe)

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  1. Author
    Ken Suzuki 7 years ago

    Football at Asian game 2014

    Group A: Korea, Thailand, India, Maldives
    Group B: Japan, China, Jordan, Taiwan
    Group C: N. Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong

  2. Mia Mon 7 years ago

    i’m relieved he put in Kiryu hahaha! seeing as she’s been dropped to the bench on Sky Blue in the last few games….

    • Mia Mon 7 years ago

      but i’m sad Norimatsu, Sugita, Obara were excluded, even Goto. would have wanted Kamionobe to take command of this squad too.

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