Japan’s Nadeshiko League Lets Meet The Teams For 2012

INAC Kobe Leonessa


Club team, based in Kobe, Kobe Leonessa INAC. 2 L unit entered the league wound, in 2005, 2001, 2006, promoted to a part the next day. 2011, won the League of desire, and also won national championships. And “Leonessa” of the team name in Italian means a female lion, which represents how beautifully strong. Also, put the name of the region from 09 years as “Kobe Leonessa INAC”, to the world from Kobe, doing the activities aimed at further growth of women’s football.


FC Takatsuki Osaka Superantsu

Start the activity centered on Takatsuki, Osaka Prefecture in 1990. Restart as the “Takatsuki Superantsu~a FC” club of citizens from the corporate team in 2001 until then. This year changed its name from the “Takatsuki Osaka Superantsu~a FC”, start a new activity. To send to the whole country in Takatsuki, Osaka, and strive to promote and develop women’s football. The motto of community-based activities, team building aims to be loved by many from everybody. 
Distressed team there is a spread of Pinky’s Ragattsu~a-U12 · U15 of the organization at the bottom. 
Superantsu~a is “hope” in Italian.



In 1981, women’s soccer club as a team Yomiuri wound. NTV-Bereza renamed the team name to fiscal 2000. 
And “Bereza” refers to a beautiful woman in Portuguese. 24 people currently belong to human society from high school. 
KOs major league title 12 times so far counted, six times runner, 10 times All Japan Women’s Champion, seven times runner, there has been a leading Japanese women’s soccer team literally.


Fukuoka J. Anclas 

I want to make the world’s best club team from Fukuoka. Anne class began with such a thought is competing in the Nadeshiko League since 2006, promoted to a part of the fourth year of war in 2009. 
Anne class are the property of Fukuoka. “Active in the top players have a lot of time for contact with a variety of people from children to adults also, next to” dream world class As you can talk about the dream Ann “” Anne strong class “people of the city and thought to Toward a team are working “full of hope and, love and be loved in return.


Elfen Sayama FC AS

Girl started working as a team in the area west Sayama in Saitama in 1985. After league, Saitama Prefecture, the Kanto League, member of the Japan Women’s Football League since 2002. Promoted to first division in 2010. Established the “Sports Club Elfen corporation NPO” in 2004. Received the designation of the business of Designated Support Athletic Association club the following year. Signed a business alliance with Omiya Ardija J-League from 2010, aiming at further strengthening. Have been actively involved in health and sports activities as a comprehensive sports club type.


Women Urawa Reds

Mainly in Saitama City, during the development of sports and cultural activities aimed at dissemination of women’s football community, and healthy development of youth. 
I think the top teams as well as men, to be loved in your home town, and that we strongly promote the creation of an attractive team will lead to the development of the entire world of sports in Japan and Japanese women’s football field. Urawa Reds Women will continue fighting with pride along with everyone a lot of fans, supporters, the home town.


Belle Yunogo Okayama

Born in May 2001 in Okayama Prefecture in northern catchphrase “town of hot springs and sport”, known as the hot water of beauty, hot springs in the old town Mimasaka Yunogo. Town revitalization project by the women’s soccer team with the aim of regional support of the public and private sectors together and Mimasaka Okayama Prefecture, a promotion. Aiming to “vertices” with the aim to establish regional and local adhesion. And “Belle” is the meaning of beauty in French. Have aspired to fight strong group of women strongly aware of the girl of ponytail like that represented in the logo of the team, then we combine the Rin on the pitch.


JEF United Ichihara Chiba Ladies

In April 1992, as a member of J League, JEF United Ichihara Chiba family team, founded for the purpose of promotion of women’s soccer team, Chiba Prefecture, along with the soccer Moms. L participated in the league since 2000. Promotion (1 part) Nadeshiko League Division 1, 2009. Fight the season of the fourth year. And, following team activities, which is one of the popular U-18 women’s soccer is the purpose of from the very beginning, the growth in the extent to challenge Kanto area, also in Chiba Prefecture, etc. from the national convention. Even in the future, we will target female supporters fought with everyone I love soccer players aim of Chiba Prefecture JAPAN Nadeshiko, the Nadeshiko League, as a symbol.


Albirex Niigata Women

Formed as a women’s team in Niigata Albirex in April 2002. Share the name of the basket, Cheerleader, skiing, snowboarding, running club, baseball, soccer etc. In addition to the racing team, the aim of creating a rich and happy city through sports, have a community-based activities. A member of the Japan Women’s Football League since 2004, won the Division 2 in 2006. To be delivered to you in local energy and courage, battle it out in front of the position do not give up until the end to give the children dream of Niigata, and supporters.


Iga Kunoichi Football Club

In the castle town of Iga, known as the Ninja and Yukari of Basho, maternal “Iga Ueno Kunoichi” which was wound in 1976. Prima Meat Packers, Ltd. will sponsor since 1988, a list of the first times – from the battle groups that participated. Twice winning the prestigious League, All Japan Championship three times, twice named national polity. 13-year-old has “Iga FC Kunoichi” Team citizens by the withdrawal of the sponsor. Below that there is a “junior Kunoichi FC Iga” also change the name and “Satellite Kunoichi FC Iga” this year (Youth Kunoichi FC Iga old) in infrastructure, force management and the team that the local community that aims to strengthen.

Source/Photos: nadeshikoleague.jp

Japan’s Nadeshiko League Games 15th April 2012

Albirex Niigata V Iga Kunoichi (04:00)

INAC Leonessa V Takatsuki (04:30)

NTV Beleza V Fukuoka J. Anclas (05:00)

Elfen Sayama V Urawa Reds (05:00)

Yunogo Belle V JEF United (05:00)

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    Brilliant article, thank you. Great to get in-depth information on the Nadeshiko league in a country that has been very supportive of the women’s game.

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