Japan’s Nadeshiko League

Japans Nadeshiko League Match Results 17th May 2015

Week 9

Vegalta Sendai 6 – 1 Yunogo Belle

Sendai: 5’ & 19’ Haruka Hamada, 25’ Asuka Kakazu, 38’ Mayu Sasaki, 42’ Yuri Kawamura, 80’ Manami Nakano

Attendance: 1,573

Shots: Sendai 17 – 6 Yunogo

Corners: Sendai 8 – 0 Yunogo


Elfen Saitama 1 – 2 Albirex Niigara

Saitama: 14’ Rie Azami

Niigata: 24’ Sayaka Oishi, 90’ Megumi Kamionobe

Attendance: 910

Shots: Saitama 10 – 12 Niigata

Corners: Saitama 1 – 5 Niigata


Iga Kunoichi 0 – 2 NTV Beleza

NTV: 29’ & 30’ Mizuho Sakaguchi

Attendance: 779

Shots: Iga 10 – 9 NTV

Corners: Iga 0 – 5 NTV


Speranza Takatsuki 0 – 1 Urawa Reds

Urawa: 82’ Kiko Seike

Attendance: 603

Shots: Takatsuki 6 – 9 Urawa

Corners: Takatsuki 1 – 7 Urawa


INAC Kobe 4 – 3 JEF Chiba

Kobe: 44’ Junko Kai, 59’ & 62’ Rika Masuya, 67’ Mai Kyokawa

Chiba: 3’ & 34’ Risa Ikadai, 77’ Yuika Sugasawa

Attendance: 4,845

Shots: Kobe 11 – 10 Chiba

Corners: Kobe 3 – 4 Chiba



Match Updates Thanks to Ken Suzuki




  1. Author
    Asa 5 years ago

    Thank you Ken for the update with the League, looks like you enjoyed the game.

  2. Ken Suzuki 5 years ago

    I went to the Takatsuki vs. Urawa.

    Starting elevens.

    Maruyama – Saito
    Hazuki – Narumiya – Torao – Takahashi
    Takeda – Akiba – Sato – Tsuboi
    HT: Maruyama → Enya
    83’: Saito → Kitagawa
    86’: Takeda → Fujino

    Goto – Kira
    Kato – Kishikawa – Naomoto – Shibata
    Kitagawa – Kohata – Norimatsu – Kurishima
    66’: Kurishima → Wada
    72’: Kato → Seike
    89’: Kira → Usui

    As everyone (including both teams, I suppose) had expected before the match the plays on the pitch were one-sidedly ruled by Urawa Reds. The ball stayed in the Takatsuki’s side for, let’s say, 80% of the playing minutes. Obviously, Takatsuki had not expected anything better, so they focused their efforts to hamper Urawa players’ acts in front of the goal.

    And, to the great frustration of Urawa supporters, this plan by Takatsuki worked. Urawa Reds attacked, attacked, and attacked. However, every time they sent a pass to a would-be scorer in the box it was intercepted by Takatsuki. This unbelievable fact can be shown most vividly in the final numbers of shots.

    Takatsuki 6 – Urawa 9

    Who can believe it? As I said, the ball stayed on the Takatsuki’s side for 80% of minutes. How come Urawa’s shots count is only nine and tops Takatsuki’s by no more than three? Well, the reason should be clear. Urawa is too humble, or meek, in invading their opponent’s penalty area. Usually a single player, Kira or Goto, waits in the box for the pass to come, which means it is clear for Takatsuki whom they are to mark. Urawa Reds in 2014 were totally different. No team could launch as many players into goal-scoring area as Urawa did. What caused this unfortunate change is not easy to ascertain. One reason could be the fact they are conceding too many goals this season. Already 12 after the first 9 matches. Last year it was 11 in the 18 matches of the first stage. Perhaps the players, the midfielders in particular, are afraid of moving forward, making space behind them, even when the ball hardly enters their side of the pitch. Then, what is the reason of all too sudden surge of goals against them? Yes, Ayano Dozono, the right-back, retired. But this team was so rich in talented defenders that two of them, Sakamoto and Saito, left the team to have more playing opportunities. Everyone is puzzled. Myself not the least.

    Anyway, the same pattern of story and our frustration went on for seventy minutes. Urawa carried ball forward both on right and left sides, then sent a cross in. But it is either kicked out by a defender or caught by goal-keeper.

    At 72’ the 18-year-old Kiko Seike was substituted in, and it changed the picture. Seike is fast, physical, and most importantly she never fears going aggressive. At 80’ a high ball was sent into the box to which both Seike and the goal-keeper, Maya Ohno, ran trying to reach it first. But Seike was faster than other players the goalie had faced until then. Seike got to the ball before the two players collided. The play was judged as the goalie’s foul on Seike and PK was given. Seike kicked it and scored the game-winner.

    So, Urawa Reds played four games in May in which they scored five goals of which four are Seike’s. She is our rising star and we have high hope with her not only for the club but also the U19 team competing in August for the 2016 U20. However, if the team relies on one striker too much then the opponents will focus their efforts on that sole striker. Seike needs a companion, either Kira or the rookie Shiraki.

    The Nadeshiko League has finished the first nine weeks. The league competition will be resumed on July 12, after the national team returned from Canada.

    • Gina West 5 years ago

      Thank you Ken for another detailed report and insight. It is extremely interesting to read and to able to hear from your perspective.
      It is puzzling the difference of Urawa at the start of this season compared to the previous.
      Kiko Seike sounds like a player to watch, but as you say she will need support. I will be looking out for her name in the U19 team too.

      I can not wait to see how Japan and the other nations perform at the World Cup, it is so close now. How is the excitement building in Japan, are they expecting the title to be retained?

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