Japan’s Nadeshiko League

Japan’s Nadeshiko League Match Results 2nd May 2015

Week 6

Vegalta Sendai 0 – 0 NTV Beleza

Attendance: 1,538

Shots: Sendai 3 – 12 NTV

Corners: Sendai 4 – 6 NTV


JEF Chiba 2 – 0 Yunogo Belle

Chiba: 68’ Miho Kamogawa, 75’ Naoko Sakuramoto

Attendance: 785

Shots: Chiba 8 – 4 Yunogo

Corners: Chiba 3 – 1 Yunogo


Iga Kunoichi 0 – 2 Urawa Reds

Urawa: 49’ & 51’ Kiko Seike

Attendance: 662

Shots: Iga 9 – 6 Urawa

Corners: Iga 3 – 1 Urawa


Speranza Takatsuki 0 – 1 Elfen Saitama

Saitama: 77’ Rie Azami

Attendance: 430

Shots: Takatsuki 8 – 11 Saitama

Corners: Takatsuki 1 – 3 Saitama


INAC Kobe 2 – 1 Albirex Niigata

Kobe: 60’ Yukari Kinga, 67’ Rika Masuya

Niigata: 16’ Megumi Kamionobe

Attendance: 2,522

Shots: Kobe 12 – 3 Niigata

Corners: Kobe 1 – 3 Niigata


Match Updates Thanks to Ken Suzuki



  1. Ken Suzuki 6 years ago

    I went to this match. (Iga vs. Urawa)


    It may look like Urawa’s easy win in this video. But the first half was completely ruled by Iga who were faster, more technical, more organized and working harder. Ball possessed by Reds was stolen too easily creating a dangerous scene numerous times.

    The most dangerous (or, the most absurd) scene came at 40′. A long but soft ball was kicked toward Urawa’s goal. A really soft one. A defender of Urawa was trotting after it, obviously believing the ball was to be caught by GK. But an Iga player was also running, and she was running hard. She was ten-meter behind the defender when she started running. She then passed the defender, got the ball, and made a one-to-one situation with GK. Fortunately (for Urawa) the ensuing shot wentt wide. What shocked me most was no one, not even GK, gave any warning to the defender. It was hot today. Was everyine dizzy????

    I guess the Urawa’s coach roared during the half-time. The young players (average age=21) mended themselves in the second half which was solidly ruled by Reds.

    • Author
      Asa 6 years ago

      Glad your team back on winning ways Ken

    • Gina West 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing the video and updates Ken.

      Very unusual for the GK or any other player not to give the defender a warning… I bet the crowd tried to!!

      I am pleased the young Urawa squad were able to mend themselves for the second half and congratulations to Kiko Seike on her match winning brace.

      Hope you enjoyed the game, do you have plans to go to more this season?

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