Japan’s Nadeshiko League

Japan’s Nadeshiko League Results 19th September 2015

Week 16

Yunogo Belle 1 – 0 Iga Kunoichi

Yunogo: 22’ Aya Miyama

Attendance: 1,471

Shots: Yunogo 2 – 14 Iga

Corners: Yunogo 0 – 4 Iga


Albirex Niigata 2 – 2 Speranza Takatsuki

Niigata: 24’ & 34’ Marumi Yamazaki

Takatsuki: 19’ Yui Narumiya, 51’ Kaede Sato

Attendance: 548

Shots: Niigata 10 – 4 Takatsuki

Corners: Niigata 8 – 2 Takatsuki


Vegalta Sendai 3 – 4 INAC Kobe

Sendai: 21’ Saori Arimachi, 42’ Yuri Kawamura, 70’ Hitomi Ono

Kobe: 24’ Rika Masuya, 27’ & 45’ Shinobu Ohno, 56’ Emi Nakajima

Attendance: 3,427

Shots: Sendai 11 – 12 Kobe

Corners: Sendai 1 – 5 Kobe


Elfen Saitama 0 – 3 JEF United Chiba

Chiba: 12’ & 44’ Yuika Sugasawa, 69’ Mari Kawamura

Attendance: 469

Shots: Saitama 4 – 21 Chiba

Corners: Saitama 1 – 5 Chiba


NTV Beleza 0 – 0 Urawa Reds

Attendance: 2,293

Shots: NTV 14 – 6 Urawa

Corners: NTV 11 – 1 Urawa



Match updates and Nadeshiko League statisitcs thanks to Ken Suzuki


Japan Nadeshiko League current standings - Copyright Ken Suzuki


  1. Ken Suzuki 5 years ago

    Now the standings are as we see above and the Regular Series (1st stage) is two more games to go.

    Only NTV Beleza has a chance to top INAC Kobe and win the Regular Series. Their opponents are:
    Kobe: Chiba, Urawa
    NTV: Iga, Takatsuki

    Supposing NTV wins both matches, Kobe can not lose any of their two and let NTV has a same points because NTV leads in goal difference by 4. (Sorry, but that part of information shown above is incorrect. Please check with my sheet.)

    Upper six teams will make it to the championship league of the Exciting Series (2nd stage). Bottom four will compete in the relegation league.

    Kobe, NTV, Sendai and Chiba have already secured their places in the championship league.

    Takatsuki and Saitama have lost chance to be in the upper league. So has Iga practically. They still catch up Niigata’points if they win the both remainders and Niigata lose their both. But erasing goal difference of 9 in 2 games is more than a miracle.

    Therefore, Urawa, Niigata and Yunogo compete for the two still open seats. Their opponents are:
    Urawa: Takatsuki, Kobe
    Niigata: Saitama, Iga
    Yunogo: Sendai, Saitama

    Supposing Yunogo Belle win both games,
    Urawa needs to win one game to keep points par with Yunogo’s. Then it is impossible the goal difference of 16 is overtaken in 2 games.
    Niigata needs 4 more points (1 win and 1 draw) to be par with Yunogo’s. Then it is impossible the goal difference of 12 is overtaken in 2 games.

    • WSU 5 years ago

      Thank you for the great information Ken.
      I will replace the table above with yours from your statistics sheet.
      It’s a very exciting end to the Regular Series as teams fight for those remaining seats, (good luck to your Urawa Reds) in the Championship League – and there is still a chance that the leader of the table could change before the regular series champions are crowned.

  2. Ken Suzuki 5 years ago

    NTV vs. Urawa is the best game of this year. Both maintained full concentration for 90 minutes and neither showed any lax play at all. Beleza was the same team who gave no chance to INAC last week. But, then, for the first time this year Reds are the same team we saw in 2014. NTV created tons of opportunities before Urawa goal but was never free from hard challenge by opponents. In Urawa’s attack and NTV’s defense, Kiko Seike and Risa Shimizu had great match-ups, both showing speed.

    This game is must see!!

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