BRAZIL-WNT has a new coach, his name is Márcio de Oliveira, that is coach of São José EC. São José was the champion of Libertadores Cup, Brazilian Cup and Paulista championship last year.

Cristiane, Bagé, Fran and Formiga are playing to São José this year.

  1. Lutendo Morris 10 years ago

    It seems like Marcio de Oliveira have a good record,but also I understand that  Izzy has a good point about a European coach,unfortunately the Brasil FA is supporting the idea of a local coaches on both Women’s and men’s national teams,so let’s hope that Marcio will be able to restore the Brasi WNT’s pride.

  2. Author
    Izzy 10 years ago

    Hi @Crystal,

    no, I would be happy if they had employed a european coach

  3. gromit 10 years ago

    Thank you @Izzy for all those precisions and for your opinion :o)

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