USWNT World Cup Champions and Olympic Gold Medalists Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain will travel to Brazil to promote the importance of education as well as health and wellness. 

Chastain and Foudy will travel to  São Paulo and will work with Brazilian Women’s National Team member Rosana dos Santos Augusto in soccer clinics throughout the week, May 19-26.


The women’s football legends will lead over 125 girls from underprivileged communities and train 60 coaches on how they can involve girls in soccer more affectively.


Their aim is to increase the number of women and girls involved in sports.


On May 23, from 19:00 in the Auditorium of the Museum of Football, in partnership with the U.S. Consulate, there will be a chat with former athletes of the USWNT, Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain!
Admission is FREE
Praça Charles Miller, s / n, Estadio do Pacaembu-SP


Dia 23 de maio, a partir das 19:00 horas no Auditório do Museu do Futebol, em pareceria com o Consulado dos EUA, acontecerá um bate papo com as ex-atletas da Seleção Americana de Futebol Feminino Julie Foudy e Brandi Chastain!
A entrada é GRATUITA
Endereço: Praça Charles Miller, s/n, Estádio do Pacaembu-SP


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  1. gromit 8 years ago

    Hi Gina. Keith, being the person concerned, already replied 30 minutes before you do, it was very kind of him for doing it and I’ve just thanked him for that.

    Being English yourself, you probably, having been read everything related to English women’s football in every local papers, websites, forums, columns, etc. for a very long time. I haven’t. So, I haven’t read anywhere before Keith’s opinions about the current situation. Sorry, I’m still ignorant about all that. This WSU article is the first. To have him explaining his ideas would have been extremely redundant for you, I understand that well, it would not have been for me and many WSU readers and members who are not English, I’m sure you agree with that too, or at least understant my point of view.

    I totally agree that explaining himself (who he is, what he did, etc) was extremely important, that’s not the point. Maybe the use of the word “C.V.” sounds rude in English, out of a business context ? If it does, I apologize. It was not my intention to be rude, in any way.

    As you know, I am not afraid of long, and even very long article. So, this explanation by Keith of who he is, was not for me an interdiction for him to write down in addition all his concrete ideas. I don’t “condemn” him for that (my goodness !), I “regret” it, which is very different, because I would have liked to know them. I don’t have your background of English women’s football’s Who’s who. That’s all.

    I didn’t accuse Keith of anything – that would have been pretty arrogant – I just say what I felt when reading the article. My feelings can be wrong (Keith explained himself in his reply, and I’ll say with pleasure : “Duly acknowledge”), but please don’t say that I “accused” him of anything. I expressed my feelings at some reading. Yes, I am an outspoken person and I won’t change I’m afraid. I have my freedom to express myself, and even to eventually make mistakes. Only those who never express their feelings in order not to shock anyone and remain in a very polite world don’t take the risk to make mistakes. But, as you know, French people are very often more straight as a die as very well-educated English people, hence permanent misunderstandings between our two countries ;o)) 

    You can’t say you appreciate my honesty on one hand, and reproach me to express myself, whatever I can think, on the other. For me, on this point, the case is over, and I hope it’s the same for you.

    The last point is different, it’s an important one, and I disagree with you if I am allowed to.

    I don’t share your view of keeping private ideas about public questions, just in order to prevent them to be stolen. I totally don’t understant that. You wrote “Why should Keith reveal his ideas for the English NT set-up just so that they can be taken and used without his credit. On numerous occasion we have seen opinions, ideas on Women’s Soccer United suddenly be mentioned on other outlets or the ideas actually implemented…. It could be coincidence… But it might not be…. I remember me and you (Gromit) having a conversation about this previously.

    But, hang on, we are not talking here about an exclusive use of pictures (for instance), are we ? We are talking about opinions, ideas. Do you really think that opinions and ideas expressed on WSU by whoever, can’t be “used” anywhere else without seeing this as theft ? I expressed myself a lot here since more than one year, and I don’t have any problem if someone, after having read my opinions and be convinced by them (if such a thing is possible…), express them in turn somewhere else. That’s the debate ! And I would be happy since that it would show that someone was convinced by me ! Let’s exchange opinions and ideas freely. You can protect a work (an interview, a photo, a video, a novel, an article) allright, but not an opinion, not an idea. That is precisely what opinions and ideas are intended to do : to circulate, to go somewhere else, be taken by someone else, by as many people as possible… And I’ll add something : Women’s Football – in spite of its big development – is still ridiculously confidential. The worst thing – imho – would be to jealously keep the information, opinion, ideas to a single place.  Being not schizophrenic, I am writing down my same personal opinions and ideas in English or in French on several forums in the same way. On the reverse, my personal articles (as about OM for instance, have to remain exclusive for WSU).

    To come back to Keith’s ideas… How can you say, to explain why he doesn’t have to do it here, that he already expressed them in several occasions on one hand,,and on another wish he doesn’t do it here for fear of having them stolen ? It’s a contradiction, isn’t it ?
    So, I totally agree with you about protection of actual works, but I disagree about the exclusivity of opinions and ideas, particularly when they belong to the public debate, as the present and future of a national team.

    I’ll just finish to say that I never made a confusion between outspokeness and rudeness or lack of respect. I hope that everybody feels the same… in spite of our cultural differences 🙂

  2. Aldo Petrolino 8 years ago

    Welcome to Sao Paulo, Brazil…Brandi and Julie….Spent 24 yrs abroad and learned tons with both of you and Lesle Gallimore, Jeniffer Thomas and many…Back in Brazil with my own project to implement mirror image of US Soccer, NCAA, MLS and NWSL….Take a peek at my site and feel free to comment on it….

    See you on Thursday….

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