Hello world,

Laying in bed, lights off, recovering from a heat induced headache.

Best headache I’ve ever had.

It’s marvelously insane to realize what took place today on a beautiful, new soccer field in Kansas City, Kansas at 2:00 PM CST. A group of strong, talented ladies took the field dressed of Puma; wearing orange/white/blue socks, blue shorts, and a white jersey with orange numbers. The fans sat in the bleachers, in the sun, sweating it out; just over 200 is the estimate. 

The Kansas City Shock took the field.

It took me hours [like right now] to really come to grasps with the magnitude of today. An idea that stemmed back in 2012, 2011, even 2010 to an extent, became a reality. I watched an idea become real.

There are things about the Kansas City Shock that I’ll never understand:

  • Unintentionally getting knocked around by the USSF and their “not-rushed, well planned” ideas of a new league; that happens to have placed a team [one of eight] a few miles south of our home field.
  • Losing out on the perfect home field…only to find one that potentially was even better.
  • Presenting a soccer team business model to the office of the mayor of Kansas City
  • Starting soccer via social media? 
  • Presenting a concept such as this as a start up, entrepreneur based business?
  • Being shot down by over thirty companies as potential sponsors
  • Being laughed out of a bank
  • Meeting with two random older men with a really crazy idea
  • Tryouts in the rain
  • Tryouts in the snow
  • Kick starting a graphic design company due to our logo that they created
  • Traveling to Boston
  • Meeting the Breakers
  • Having the Breakers practice on our field prior to playing FC Kansas City
  • Summer tournament in 104 degree heat
  • Scotland
  • Australia
  • Colombia
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Serbia
  • Local talent
  • Losing a coaching staff on a Wednesday…announcing a new coaching staff the next Sunday
  • Investors 
  • …several other things that I’m still not allowed to say

All of this for the moment that wound up at 2:00 PM CST when eleven girls took the field in the Great Plains sun and won their home opener, won the first Kansas City Shock game ever played, won with a program, for a program, that has had challenge, after challenge, after challenge thrown its way.

For some reason; they keep coming back. Almost the…spirit…of the program just never resides. Backed into a corner? Give it 48 hours; something insane will happen. It always does. 

It’s fascinating, looking back, at how diverse of a program we’ve become. We have players in from everywhere, and to show that we had local star Ashley Maxwell score one goal in the first half, but W-League Adelaide United player Racheal Quigley scored in the second half. Kelsey Gochnauer rocked it as the starting keeper, a local player from Kansas City, but Scottish international Aliesha Cassie captained the match from the middle of the back line. You want the melting pot of a global sport? Here. You. Go. I can show you a team made up of people from every background, every story you can imagine; and you know what they do? Work. The speed of which the chemistry was set in this squad is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen in my years with athletics.

Granted, only they will determine the outcome of their season, but I saw a glimpse, a moment where all players synced together on the field and let me tell you…if that becomes a habit; then we’re going to be busy through July.

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds [except another game], or next week, the summer, or the rest of the year. However, any dreamer, any fan, and any believer of anything of passion let me tell you this:

The world will tell you that passion will not pay the bills. The world will tell you that being young means your naive and aren’t aware of what you’re doing [sometimes true]. The world will tell you what you can’t accomplish, and what you’ll likely settle for instead.

This random kid, who grew up in a corn field without soccer as a sport, will tell you different. Passion eliminates the bills, youth brings creativity and ingenuity. The world will tell you what you can’t accomplish, and you’ll flip the world the bird.

Anything is possible, nothing is impossible, but be prepared for everything.


  1. Asa 8 years ago

    @Shawn great read

  2. Women's Soccer United 8 years ago

    This is fantastic @Shawn! I am so proud of your amazing achievements and this is just the beginning! I am pleased you won your home opener too, with Racheal Quigley on the scoresheet 🙂

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