Kenya Women's Premier Football League

It is common knowledge that one of the major problems facing women sports in Kenya is the lack of sponsorship which provides critical funding for these sports.

Basketball and rugby are however proving that it is possible to sponsor and support women in sports. It is therefore not surprising that football does not want to lag behind. Despite the crippling challenges that face women football in Kenya, the Football Kenya Federation has once again attempted to start a new season of the Kenyan Women’s Premier League. Last year’s league failed to go a full cycle as it was clear that many teams in the league lacked funds to host home matches and travel for away matches. This therefore forced the league to come to an abrupt halt with half the 12 teams only being able to play a maximum of 4 matches.

It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, FKF is definitely proving to be quite sane by coming up with a new format and strategy of executing the 2014 women’s league. The new league is expected to be taking place once a month and in different parts of Kenya every month. This is a genius move because the participating teams get enough time to organize fundraisers and receive support from well-wishers as they prepare for their monthly game. This is different from the old format whereby matches took place every weekend and thus resulted to walk overs since most teams did not have the funds to travel.

The converging of the league games to one weekend in one venue per month is really smart because it gives the community a chance to be able to partake in the league by coming to watch and it is played in a tournament version. This league format is proving to be the best method for now to manage women football. It is better than having no activity for the players at all which became clear in the first game on June 19th where fitness seemed to be a huge problem for most teams. 12 teams showed up on the first day and it was decided that these teams were the only ones that would participate in the 2014 season.

These teams are therefore expected to play a maximum of 3 matches in a league weekend and after all the parts selected for the tour are complete, the team with the highest points gets to win the league. So far two rounds of the league have been played in Nairobi and Kisumu and the teams’ attendance has been outstanding.

June 19th & 20thResults – Played in Nairobi

Makolanders 0-0 Soccer Sisters,
Thika Queens 0-0 Lake Hawks,
Oserian Ladies 5-2 Eldoret Falcons,
Spedag FC 0-2 Lake Hawks,
Makolanders 0-2 Leeds Kisumu,
Wadadia FC 0-2 Soccer Queens,
Thika Queens 1-0 Soccer Queens,
Makolanders 1-1 Kakamega Muslim,
Oserain 1-0 Lake Hawks,
Kisumu Leeds 1-1 Old is Gold,
Kakamega Muslim 1-2 Wadadia FC,
Soccer Sisters 1-4 Eldoret Falcons,
Spedag FC 2-0 Kakamega Muslim,
Lake Hawks 0-0 Thika Queens

July 12th & 13th Results – Played in Kisumu

Thika Queens 5-0 Eldoret Falcon,
Wadadia 2-0 Lake Hawks,
Spedag FC 0-0 Makolanders,
Ogsy 0-0 Soccer Queens,
Thika Queens 1-1 Soccer Queens,
Kakamega Muslims 0-6 Kisumu Leeds,
Leeds 0-4 Oserian,
Spedag 2-1 Wadadia,
Spedag 2-0 Soccer Queens,
Eldoret Falcon 0-0 Kakamega Muslim,
Kisumu Leeds 0-2 Soccer Sisters,
Eldoret Falcon 1-2 Makolanders,
Lake Hawks 0-0 Kakamega Muslims,
Ogsy 1-1 Wadadia,
Thika Queens 2-2 Oserian
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  1. WSU 8 years ago

    Thank you Ellen for your wonderful article about the return of the Kenyan Women’s Premier League. I think it is really promising that they are trying a new format for the league and didn’t just give up on the sport. I wish the league and all those involved lots of success and am looking forward to following their progress again.

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