Kessler, Wambach and Marta are FIFA Women's World Player of the Year finalists

Kessler, Wambach and Marta are FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year 2014 finalists

Nadine Kessler, Abby Wambach and Marta are the three players to make the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year shortlist.

The finalists beat fellow contenders Nadine Angerer, Veronica Boquete, Nilla Fischer, Nahomi Kawasumi, Aya Miyama, Louisa Necib and Lotta Schelin to make the shortlist.

The winners of all the awards will be revealed at the FIFA Ballon d’Or on Monday 12th January 2015.


  1. Danwen Huang 7 years ago

    A large part of the reason why the less famous players don’t get recognition is simply the lack of media coverage around the world when it comes to women’s football. Most votes come from captains and coaches of national teams (not clubs, which are more international) who probably don’t follow the women’s game as extensively as the fans do (i.e. watching live streams in a different language).

    Admittedly I personally would like to see Kim Little take the ballon dor but she’s not even on the nomination list. Until women’s football can be easily accessed we won’t see much change. Though to be fair even in the mens game is always Messi/Xavi/CRod that pops up every year so ballon dor in general, isn’t known for being diverse.

    • Gina West 7 years ago

      You are absolutely right Danwen, but I find it so frustrating that fans are more dedicated and knowledgeable than the experts and people working within the sport and are making these decisions that are supposed to reflect the women’s game in an accurate way.

      This is something I am sure will change, but as ever the changes seem to come at a very slow pace.

      Overlooking Kim Little’s 2014 season is a huge surprise to me to.

      You are right as well about the similarity with the men’s nominations, I guess it makes it more of an attractive event if the biggest names in the football world are the ones attending the award ceremony.

  2. Izzy 7 years ago

    But it always happens! I believe it will only change when the women’s soccer start to be more professionalized around the world! The captains and coaches of national teams and also journalists have vote, but I believe 60…70% of them don’t know who are Kessler, Little, Fisher, Necib, Vero…they know only the “big” names as Marta and Wambach.
    But in my opinion, Marta was a well deserved nomination, because she is always plays above average than most players and she made a fantastic UWCL final. In my opinion Marta is like Messi, even when she is not so good, she is above the other players.

  3. Gina West 7 years ago

    Reading the reaction to the nominees it is a controversial selection again. Although there is no debating the supreme quality of all the players nominated it is questionable whether they warrant ‘Player of the Year’ for 2014.
    I can’t help but think that ‘big names’ are being chosen rather than more deserved players.

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