So many tabs…

So many tabs…

I’m sitting at my computer, thinking where to start with this insanity that we call the beautiful game [let’s be honest, life is a giant circus, yes?]. 


*deep breath*

It all started in Florida…


Let’s just be honest, even though the team was great, how many of us are NOT surprised that magicjack was terminated by the WPS earlier last week [instantly raises his own hand]?

From the quickly prepared desk of the Women’s Professional Soccer office:

After careful consideration, the Board of Governors of Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS) voted on Tuesday to terminate the Boca Raton based magicJack franchise. 

WPS will continue to deliver to its players and fans the world’s top women’s soccer league, with plans to make 2012 the most competitive and successful season to date.

And the ball continues to roll. Of course the questions are flowing every which way; and it is my honor to dispel some of those questions with my own wandering thoughts. Now, before you jump ship and start paddling away to Sweden, Iceland, and Australia; allow me to be clear.

The WPS is not going anywhere. 

Even with five teams this league has proved their resilience over the past three years. Furthermore, I’m going to go ahead and step out and say that new CEO Jennifer O’Sullivan means business. It takes a lot for a new leader to step in make cuts to a struggling team. Though MJ was in itself entertaining, and would pose well in many magazines, it   becomes evident that this team [or at least its owner] didn’t belong. Naturally, Borislow has gone crazy; threatening legal action, and other steps that causes my sides to hurt from the…laughter. 

What does this show us?

WPS is NOT your across the street girls in pink. Anyone who has worked in the business world knows that terminations can be quite the life altering event for several people. Not only did it become headline, but this termination does illustrate that the offices of the WPS is not full of stay-at-home mom’s, or cookie-cutter sugar and spice ladies [yes, I do realize that men work for the league as well]. It can be hard to find a silver lining to downed business [I cried when Athletica folded], but in this case I believe WPS wins. Yes, some…SOME population of Florida will no longer have MJ to visit, but frankly; the statistics for their home crowds were not that great [pre/during World Cup of course]. 

The bigger question, as we’re starting to learn about; is where the players are going. Rumor has Wambach heading to WNY, and we all know that if this move takes place it’ll dismantle the league. Why? WNY will continue to pull large numbers, but it may be the only team in the area to bring in the numbers. Currently, leagues over in Iceland, Sweden, England, and Australia continue to prove to be enticing for young players moving up through the ranks. The advantage of Australia is the time of year of play; players play summer in US, head to OZ for the winter [for those geographically challenged; Australia warms up around December]. However, several players in the US have wound up in other countries as team numbers continue to decline in the US [plus, some would argue that the style of play is better].

Five Alive?

Anyone remember that drink? It. Was. Dead. Awful.

With only five teams remaining in WPS, the populous begins to cringe. How can you have a league with five teams [how do you have a league with six teams]? There is recent speculation out of Conneticut of a new, growing, potential WPS team being headed by…yes…Tony DiCicco. Fact? Not yet. Reality? Yes. Problem? Same growing problem. Teams are just laced along the northeast [except for Atlanta]. There is nothing else out there? Because of this, even with a new year of six teams [being optimistic] it may not be enough to entice upcoming stars to stick here. Especially if the other leagues begin coming into the US and promoting their leagues; it’d be hard to turn down a stint in Germany. It will be hard to get a full flavor of the decreasing size of women’s soccer in the US until after the ’12 Olympics. 

Community Loss?

Absolutely. Florida has had several professional women’s sports teams over the years, but they tend to fold as quick as they come. Even MLS had a horrible time getting a team into Florida [of which is folded as well]. A recent report did turn up from Boca Raton, Florida with people speaking of their frustration and heart ache of once again losing a program in a soccer-growing community. 

Dear Boca Raton, Florida

Welcome to my dark, isolated world. Here’s to 2013 [I hope].



P.S. Wanna go on the hunt for old cans of Five Alive with me? Florida fans, are you in the stages of mourning? Talk to me, I feel your pain: @CoachDaugherty


  1. Claudio Marcone 8 years ago

    The girls should be professionally advised not to run immediately when door of new league opens…… girls playing in sweden, germany, france, netherland, etc…… if they don’t study at the universities, they are professionals and live from their salary as football player getting appartment and car on top. A career needs stability securing individual sponsoring as a professional personality. The public awarness is not secured, if the athletes change every year their employer.

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