Kuban Spring-2011 enters the homestretch.
Today is in the final matches of the international tournament “Kuban Spring 2011.” At the moment the youth team of Russia in the match for the 7-th place is with Turkey, and examines American Team of Estonia (the match in 5 th place).

Match for the 7 th place
10.30 Russia – Turkey 3-0
Match for the 5 th place
10.30 United States – Estonia 1-0
Match for place 3
13.30 Krasnodar region – China
15.00 Japan – North Korea

  1. gromit 9 years ago

    Yes, I saw the controversy in Usa about their Ralph Lauren’s Olympics outfits made in China. That really made me laugh ! 🙂 After all, already 8% of the 1,200 billions $ US’s debt are owned by China.
    The outfit is very 1920’s style, isn’t it ?

    I don’t like what Sir Paul’s daughter has done for GB. I found the WNFT’s jersey against Sweden (that is actually the official outfit for all British athletes) awful. It looks like a household product packaging…

    France’s outfit can be seen here
    The competition kit is… well… is.
    The uniform ? I’ll let you be the judge of it.

    Here are several nations’ outfits. I was thinking of opening a dedicated discussion but I don’t know, It’s a bit out of “soccer” topic maybe…  

    Italian kit has been designed by Giorgio Armani. It’s black and white. Not bad but where is the traditional blue of the Azzuri except for Prada’s sailing team ?

    Germany chose blue for the boys and pink for the girls… Cute, isn’t it ? 😉

    I find Hong-Kong’s very classy. I give it an award with pleasure, they won’t have many.

    Jamaica’s is good too, especially if you dance Ska. For instance, on “Monkey Man” or “Poor Little Rich Girl” in their cover versions by Amy Winehouse, who left us, so, so sadly, exactly one year ago, day for day. I’ll always love you, Amy.

    Japan’s competition kit is really great !

    The most tasteless outfit award has already been given to Spain (made by a Russo-Italian society, another controversy).
    Russia is Spain’s best contender…

    As far as clothes are concerned, I think that the various nations – at least Great-Britain – should have asked a specialit : a Mod ! And since the first Mod AND cyclist won Le Tour de France today, I mean Bradley Wiggins, he could have been the man (with Paul Weller, the Modfather of course). And all the delegations would have paraded at the Opening Ceremony on a Mods’ idol band’s song, The Kinks’s “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”.


  2. Women's Soccer United 11 years ago

    Great post, thank you 🙂

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