LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League join forces

LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League join forces.

Both entities have presented, at the JFA House in Tokyo, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the aim of promoting the growth of women’s football at all levels.

The Nadeshiko League and LaLiga have presented a collaboration agreement aimed at exploring different strategies that favour the growth of women’s football in Japan and Spain.

At an event held at the JFA House in Tokyo, representatives of LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League discussed the different parts of the agreement, which follows the path started in 2017 with the signing of the MOU between the J.League and the Spanish championship.

“The agreement we signed today, although it is designed to achieve long-term goals, already has immediate challenges, and we believe that the experience of both competitions can bring great benefits to women’s soccer in both countries,” said Pedro Malabia, Soccer Director. Women’s Football LaLiga

LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League join forces

From the Nadeshiko League, its president, Akiko Mabuchi, also positively assessed the possibilities of the agreement: “It is an honour to close this agreement on the 30th anniversary of the Nadeshiko League, it is the first agreement we signed with a foreign league. The 10 players that play in Spain, we are sure that everything they learn in Spain will bring with them back to Japan. “

Among the many initiatives presented, LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League have opted to strengthen the exchange of information and knowledge between leagues and clubs. At the training level, both entities will develop training courses for coaches and educational projects that go beyond football and that will emphasise the promotion of values such as gender equality or the integration of girls and women in society through sports.

LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League join forces

Likewise, both parties announced the creation of development programs that promote women’s access to sports management and the beginning of a plan to organise friendly matches and tournaments at all levels.

“The clubs and the competition in Spain have experienced a great growth in recent years thanks, to a large extent, to the support of LaLiga and commitment of the clubs. The Japanese teams and their league also have great potential and tradition, so this type of alliances will bring great value to both institutions and will allow us to grow hand in hand, “said Malabia.

LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League join forces

The event, in addition to the representatives of LaLiga and the Nadeshiko League, was also attended by the Spanish ambassador to Japan, Gonzalo de Benito, the Japanese national coach Asako Takakura and Yuriko Saeki, member of the executive committee of J.League and Villarreal CF.

Likewise, Erina Yamane, goalkeeper of Real Betis Feminine, Minori Chiba, Maya Yamamoto, Hitomi Tanaka and Michi Goto (all of them with experience in LaLiga Iberdrola) were at the event as an example of the good relations that Spain and Japan have maintained as regards to where soccer is concerned. Only in the 2017/18 season, nine Japanese players played in the Liga Iberdrola, the first division of Spanish soccer.



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