Lana Clelland: “What better stage to play our home rivals than in a World Cup”

Interview with Lana Clelland on Women’s Soccer United

Lana Clelland is heading to France in a few days in what’s to be an historic FIFA Women’s World Cup for herself and Scotland.

The passion, hard work and dedication has paid off as Lana Clelland forms part of the Scotland squad about to mark their first ever Women’s World Cup appearance! The talented forward, who is making a huge impact in Italy with her club Fiorentina Women’s F.C, is fully focused on the task ahead.

In an exclusive interview with Women’s Soccer United, Clelland talks about Scotland’s expectations ahead of the biggest global tournament in the world, the significant growth in support for women’s football and that opening World Cup match against England!

Women’s Soccer United: It’s going to be an historic and no doubt moving moment for Scotland when they play in their first ever Women’s World Cup. How are you and your team-mates preparing for the challenge ahead?

Lana Clelland: We are excited, we have been training hard and the work put in over the last few years is starting to show and really now we are just counting down the days until we go to France.

WSU: What expectations do you have going into this tournament?

LC: I think for our first world cup its hard to say what expectations we should have but as a group we believe that we can come out of the group (D) so I think that’s a starting point!

WSU: The competition is even tougher this year! What are your thoughts on your opponents, in particular, your Group D rivals, England, Japan and Argentina?

LC: The competition is getting bigger and harder every time it comes around so this time it will be amazing to be a part of it! We know it’s a hard group with England and Japan we know what to expect from them but Argentina will be a great test for us as well!

WSU: Your opening match is against one of the tournament favourites, England. How did you feel when you first saw that fixture?

LC: I think it’s just very exciting what better stage to play our home rivals than in a World Cup? We are a much better team this time around, so it will be a good game!

WSU: How do you think France will fare as a host nation?

LC: I think the French know how to show the world a football party well, so I’m sure they will be a great host nation!

WSU: When you compare Scotland with other countries, can the team learn anything from their rivals?

LC: I think every team can learn things from what other countries are doing around the world but right now we are focused on us and what we can bring to the tournament.

WSU: How do you view your role within the national team?

LC: I feel like any women’s national team player has as an important role off the pitch as well as on it and that’s to help grow our sport!

WSU: What can you say about the current mood in the Scotland team camp?

LC: The current mood is good quite relaxed and just preparing hard for the up and coming games, everyone is just really excited!

WSU: The support for our sport continues to grow and grow; can you describe how it feels and what it means to play a domestic game for Fiorentina in front of a record 39,000 fans and most recently on the international stage in Scotland in front of 18,555 against Jamaica?

LC: I think its just great to see so many people start to follow and show their support for our game, the atmosphere is amazing when stadiums are filled so hopefully it can continue to grow!

Thank you to Lana Clelland (@LanaClelland), for taking the time to answer our questions. We wish you and the team all the best.



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