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We have already played two rounds of this season, and I do apologize that I have not covered those as of yet, but more pressing matters have occupied me.

Both games have been played at home in Ottawa, and both ended with 2-0 wins and 6 points. Those stats are good, but I am not happy about our performance as a team in these games. The games were played against Quebec Dynamo and K-W United FC respectively and the games both had the same patterns to them. Two teams that came out offensively pressing us high with a good work rate. We started both games off with poor first halves with poor work rate and poor decision making with the ball. We were seen as the most talented team player vs. player, but collectively we struggled with getting any flow going in our own game. In the second halves of both games we picked up the phase and moved the ball more quickly and dictated the game more on our terms.

The positive element is that we were able to pick up our performance, and to show what skill-level our potential is at when we play together as a team. The negative is that our “low” curve is way too low at the moment. We were fortunate that the two teams we have played did not punish us when they easily could have exploited our mistakes. It should not take us 45 minutes before we start to pick up our game, so we are not happy with our play even though we are happy with the fact that we pull through with two wins even on so-so days.

There are a few tactical aspects I could share with you on this, but as we are still in season and working on these aspects I will not be able to share this. What I can say is that there are a lot of elements that are being addressed in training, and that we will come out differently in the coming games.

Personally I have completed two 90-minute games and am happy with being in season again. As of own performance, I will not be pleased unless I can make an impact to make sure our performance is better over 90 minutes. Mentally it is great to be in the “season bubble” again, where your days are spent preparing for the next game, and all you do revolves around your next performance.

We have learnt a lot from the last two games, and we are looking forward to the coming games. Our next 6 games are on the road starting with a double-header weekend, where we play London C on Friday June 6th and face K-W United again on Saturday June 7th. With such a schedule it is of importance with depth in our squad and I do believe everyone is prepared to put in an effort.

You can follow the league standing through the this link.

You will not see me commenting too much on league standings. My focus is always on winning our next game, and I trust other people will take care of the stats.

Until next time
Train smart –Play hard



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