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When Women’s Soccer United contacted me and asked me to regularly write a blog post for them so their readers can get an insight to different leagues from a player’s perspective, I thought it was a good idea and got on board.

I know I am interested in hearing what other players from other leagues have to write about, so I will share my thoughts in the hopes that what I have to share is interesting to the readers. This year (2014) the plan is to combine play in the Australian W-league for Adelaide United and the USL W-league in North America for Ottawa Fury FC. Currently I am resided in Ottawa and will play in this league from its start in May until its end in late July.

Let me introduce myself:

The name I go by in the football world is simply my last name “Woods”. Genius! I have played at the top level for 15 years now (wow, am I really that old?) and played in 7 different countries on more than 10 different teams. I have represented my country, Norway, several times and played with and against some absolutely amazing players.

I was 19 (Now 29) when I had a good talk with myself (Talking to myself? maybe I am as crazy as some people claim) and made a point out of mapping out my own football career. I had to be sure what I wanted to get out of football other than doing what I love everyday. For as I am very passionate about this game, I also have other passions installed in me that I wanted to combine with this game to make this journey my ultimate dream. I thrive on challenges of learning about new people and the dynamics of their settings. I love to travel and experience new things and I am in constant need of new impulses. I do not stay in one place for a longer period of time, and the rewards I feel from this have been very positive.

I have disregarded monetary gain throughout my career to make sure that I am fulfilled as a person and as a footballer.
I have a personality where comfort and feeling settled has never driven me. It is not the simplest thing in the world to travel to the new and unknown by your own. It is however the best way to learn. Not only do you learn a lot about different types of people and surroundings, but also yourself. The psychology of individual and group development is taken in on a regular basis and you do become more versatile and adaptable. My school of life is one of many teachers and thus a lot of diverse learning.

The same applies to the sport specific developmental side of this. As a footballer on the constant move, it is a great challenge in understanding the different Style, tactics, mentality and dynamics of individuals in a team. You have to learn quickly and you have to push your limits for understanding. The way you play with and around certain coaches, teams and players rarely applies to more than one place and therefore you have to be versatile and constantly work hard to adapt.
As I think of a future in coaching, I see how all the different surroundings could benefit me. It is all about learning the game.

Well, this should be a thorough enough introduction about myself, but if you feel a real need to get to know me even better you have three options:
1.Follow this blog
2.Google me
3.Call me

Smile everyday



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