Just thought I would give a quick back ground on the Women’s Premier league here in South Australia.

The league is rather small compared to some of the leagues around the world but then Adelaide it self is really not that big.

This year there will be 8 teams in the competition.

Adelaide City

Adelaide University


Sturt Marion

Para Hills

Under 14/15 FFSA State Girls

Metro United

Fulham United

This league will start this weekend on March 17th and continue on throughout our winter months until September. There are 21 rounds with added cup rounds thrown in the mix. This is an open age competition so anyone from the age of 14 and up can play in this league.

Most games are played on Sunday afternoons with occasional games on a Friday night.

  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Second half underway

  2. Asa 9 years ago

    Thank you @Beverley 

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