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Madison Schupbach Interview on Women’s Soccer United

Madison Schupbach: “Detroit Sun FC has what it takes to win a National Championship”

It was with great pleasure to catch up with Madison Schupbach, one of Detroit Sun FC key players, to get a greater insight into the team’s successful season.

Detroit Sun FC, a first year Pro-Am Women’s Soccer team, are quickly becoming one of the top teams to watch in the United Women’s Soccer league – competing in the UWS Midwest conference and boasting the top goalscorer and goalkeeper!

How has this newly formed team found quick success? One thing that could be a strong contribution is how well the team has bonded together, with all players equally dedicated, hard-working and combining together a wealth of experience. This is highlighted when Madison Schupbach was asked who her role models are within the game, she revealed that one of them was her team-mate and captain Dani Evans, who she praised for her ability to push everyone to give their best.

During last night’s (2 July 2017) match against Fort Wayne Gryphons, Madison had two goals and two assists at Ultimate Soccer Arenas.

Madison Schupbach spoke to Women’s Soccer United about her season so far with the UWS club, Detroit Sun FC, her style of play, what she wants to achieve in her soccer career and more.

Women’s Soccer United: You play for Detroit Sun FC, a newly formed team competing in the Midwest Division of the United Women’s Soccer and are currently in a strong position for the top spot. Has the season so far exceeded your expectations?

Madison Schupbach: Yes, the season has been great this far. Being able to play with high level players from within the region has allowed me to take my game to the next level this summer.

Women’s Soccer United: How would you assess your own season, so far?

Madison Schupbach: This has been one of my best seasons; I have been placed in a position where I can create many chances in the final third, which I have been fortunate enough to take advantage of.

Women’s Soccer United: Does this Detroit Sun FC squad have what it takes to win the National Championship?

Madison Schupbach: I definitely think Detroit Sun FC has what it takes to win a National Championship. We are a young team with lots of energy, drive, and skill. The next few games are very important as we are preparing for a strong playoff run.

Women’s Soccer United: What characterises your style of play and does the Detroit Sun FC mentality suit you particularly well?

Madison Schupbach: My style of play is more possession oriented rather than direct balls to chase down. Our team took a few weeks to come together, but we are starting to peak at the right time to become successful in the playoffs and beyond.

Women’s Soccer United: Who has been the toughest opponent you have played against in your career so far? (Madison answered based off of this summer season).

Madison Schupbach: The toughest opponent we have faced all season would be Grand Rapids FC. They have a strong, core group of girls that have played well with one another. The last two games have been a battle for both of our teams, and I believe it will continue moving forward.

Women’s Soccer United: What personal targets do you want to achieve in your women’s soccer career?

Madison Schupbach: With Detroit Sun FC, I want to continue creating opportunities in the final third for both my teammates and myself. Getting through playoffs and onto Nationals is also a huge goal for us. After this summer, I want to finish my college career strong at Bowling Green State University. Hopefully, through both these experiences, I can continue my soccer career after college.

Women’s Soccer United: Which players do you enjoy watching the most and who are your role models?

Madison Schupbach: One player who I enjoy watching is Christen Press. Her skill and composure around the goal is something I strive for. She has been an inspiration to my soccer career and to me as a player. Another one of my role models is Dani Evans who I play alongside with on the Detroit Sun. She is the captain of the team and pushes everyone to do their best.


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