Tyresö FF called a press conference today and announced that Marta has signed to play for them in the Swedish Damallsvenskan on a 2 year contract.This is Marta’s second time in the Damallsvenskan,she played for Umeå IK from 2004 till 2008, where the club won four Swedish titles during her time there.Tyresö FF have already this year signed some big stars, Veronica Boquete, Caroline Seger, Lisa Dahlkvistoch, Linda Sembrant.





  1. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    @Sebastian thank you very much for the translation!! 

  2. Sebastian Kanty 9 years ago

    Press conference:

    Marta: Sweden is actually my second home. I have visited it many times, I have many friends here, and I have many fond memories of Sweden and the soccer here and of the people.

    At the studio:

    Intervjuer: So Marta, how is your swedish, after being in the US for a time?

    Marta: It will be better.

    I: How about the tears form yesterdays pressconferens? You were very moved I gather?

    M: Yes, I was thinking about the first time I came to Sweden. It was like a movie was been played out in my head then, it was unreal. It was huge, I will try not to cry now.

    I: Why did you choose Sweden? I believe many were interested?

    M: My career began here. When I got here in 2004, and played for 5 seasons, everything changed in my life. So, when I went to play in the US, I said that I would like to come back some day and play here again, and now that time has come. I’m proud and glad to be here, and I will try to write some history here.

    I: That’s good. What does this mean for Swedish soccer? If it had been the mens soccer, could this have been compared to a transfer of Zidane to Sweden.

    Expert: Yes, for those of us that works with soccer, this is as huge as that. It’s fantastic. So everybody go and watch the games now. She will play every week here in Stockholm. Go and see what this is all about, you who haven’t seen it yet. It will raise the female soccer culture, which has been declining somewhat. This will certainly be the boost the sport needs.

    I: So Marta, why did you choose Stockholm and Tyresö, and not your old club Umeå?

    M: Many things played a role in my choosing. Especially the fact that many of the players in Tyresö used to be my teammates in Umeå. Tyresö has the same vision as I for this and next year. We have a strong squad that should be sufficient for the task at hand.

    I: It was great having you, thank you.

    M: Thank you.

    PS! Have of course taken some liberties in the translation, to make it easier to translate.

  3. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Can anyone translate to English (Izzi’s video below?) :):)

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