May the new year bring all these wishes to you all.
Warmth of love, comfort of home,Joy for your children.
Company and support of family and friends.
A caring heart that accepts and treats all human beings equally.
Enrichment of knowledge and Richness of diversity.
Courage to seek and speak the truth Even if it means standing alone.
Hopes and dreams of a just world and The desire to make it happen.
A light to guide your path.
Helping hands to strengthen unity.
Serenity and peace within your mind.
Heart and soul, and a hand to hold.
Hope 2012 is a great year for everyone

  1. Jerel Wakayama 8 years ago

    Well, the statistics show that Marta is the only one of the three that actually played games in a league.  My vote has to go Marta for competing.  I’m never in favor of supporting players who decide to not compete to avoid injury.  What was the outcome of avoiding injury for the Olympics, anyway?  Sinclair outplayed them all,–and Carli was the most productive US player.

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