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Photo: Charlyn Corral (Top Center), Credit: @MiSelecciónMX

Mexico’s top goalscorer and most famous player reveals no one will sponsor her

Charlyn Corral is probably Mexico’s most widely known female player. She was called up to the National Team since she was 13 years old and last season became the first Mexican top goal scorer in Spain’s league (Liga Iberdrola).

Last week, in an interview with Spanish newspaper El País, Charlyn revealed that despite her long and successful career, no brand has approached her to offer a sponsorship.

“It sounds weird after all I’ve done this year, but I don’t have one (a sponsorship)”, she said.

The 26 year-old striker received an offer from league champions Atlético de Madrid in the preseason, but preferred to stay with club Levante.

She just won her second consecutive gold medal at the Central American Games in July and is set to participate in the Concacaf Championship in October where Mexico will seek a berth in next year’s World Cup.

After seeing the story become viral on social media, Kenti Robles, another National Team player and defender for Atlético de Madrid, also tweeted out the lack of support from brands.

Oddly enough, Charlyn’s revelation came the same week after Nike launched a campaign titled “Together we are unstoppable” asking women to break barriers with their traditional “Just Do It”.

Liga MX striker and former Spanish league player Nayeli Rangel appears along other female athletes.


Fans tweeted out to this and other brands to be coherent with their campaigns (others have also launched pro-women ads) however only one – Rinat, a brand that makes goalie gloves – offered to help Charlyn, despite knowing she’s a striker (she gladly accepted and said she would give them to one of her teammates).

Some Liga MX players have published support by brands (including Nike) on social media, however the fact that no one has offered to do so with the country’s historic goalscorer has baffled fans.



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