MFA female coaches offered CYF Scolarships – A new way to invest in female coaches.

MFA female coaches offered CYF Scolarships – A new way to invest in female coaches.

One of the main challenges that women’s football is currently coping with, is without any doubts the lack of qualified female coaches around the globe.

In recent years though, some of the important national associations in women’s football decided to take a gamble and hire women coaches, mostly former players, in the interest of increasing the importance of women in their own football.

In recent seasons, the Malta Football Association (MFA) has been encouraging the clubs to hire more women in their coaching/staff roles. The positive feedback from the respective clubs was the boost needed from the MFA to embark on an innovative and ambitious project with the aim of getting more women in the coaching roles.
This is an exciting time for women’s football in Malta and the MFA is trying to provide new means to increase the growth of this movement on this island. Getting more women in coaching roles would mean that the MFA has taken the right path towards the growth of this movement.

Currently, the MFA female coaches are undergoing the CYF Course in a pilot scholarship programme. If the course would be judged as successful, the MFA will enable to the successful female coaches the opportunity to apply for the National C License Course, which would be another successful step in women’s football.
The MFA hopes that this investment will be the stepping stone towards a new chapter in women’s football on this island.

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