The hardest day of my life will be coming up in the first week of May. Since my daughter was born back in 1991 we have never been apart for more than 2 weeks. Even when she moved out of home last year I still saw her or spoke to her everyday. She is my best friend…

Now she is going to be moving to the other side of the world for 3 months to follow her dream with Kansas City Shock. I have mixed feelings about this…So proud and so excited for her but at the same time I’m going to miss her like crazy. Thank goodness that we have social media these days so we can talk and text each other…and hopefully we will be able to what streams of her games…

The worst thing in the W-League in Australia is that only one game is televised a week and as Adelaide United usually are near the bottom of the ladder most years we don’t get many games.. Last year we got 1 game on TV and that one was played here in Adelaide so I didn’t get to see most of her games until later when we got copies on a USB Flash drive.
So every Saturday we would sit in front of the computer and follow anyone who was at the away games on Twitter, which sometimes is so frustrating as at times no one would tweet for fifteen or twenty minutes so you had no idea what was going on.

I have so many thoughts going through my head at the moment..

What we need to do before she goes, what Im going to do while she is gone…I might have to start pestering my son to take up a sport. Although Adelaide Uni (Racheals club in SA) has asked me to be the Sports Trainer for the Premier League team here so that will take up some time.. Also wondering what time the games are played over there and whether I will have to have some real late nights or early mornings.

Im sure in time all my questions will be answered, everything always is, its just the waiting. I never was very good at that.

Before Racheal goes tho I get to see her play here with her local team and will keep everyone who is interested up to date with those games and maybe some pics as well.

Her first game here is March the 17th, Adelaide University vs Adelaide City at 3pm. This match was meant to be played a couple of weeks ago but its been really hot here in Adelaide so they haven’t been able to play it. Its a charity match between the winner of the league last year and the winner of the Cup. The match is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer research so hopefully we get a lot of people out there to watch.


  1. Sebastian Kanty 8 years ago

    Pretty nice of the ref to allow the corner, since there wasn’t any time added…and as everybody know, if you have a Renard in your team, any set piece is a goal opportunity..

  2. Author
    Beverley Quigley 9 years ago

    Thanks guys,

    I have already installed Skype on my work comp so I can speak to her at her night time …lol…

    Will definatley have pics and a report up after the first game next weekend for you…:)

  3. Women's Soccer United 9 years ago

    Thank you for another great blog Beverley!

    I understand you will have mixed feelings but lRacheal is following her dream and who knows what other opportunities can develop from her time in the US. Make sure you both have Skype accounts etc and you can video call each other all the time… Although you will need to work out the time difference lol. We will certainly help you find any streams of her matches if they are available.


    I am interested in reading and seeing pics of Racheal playing with her local team before her move.


  4. Asa 9 years ago

    Dont worry she will be ok,a very good friend of mine is the owner of Kansas City Shock. Shawn Daugherty, Owner, Chief Operations Officer

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