Asia’s two biggest women’s football teams went head to head today (Wednesday 11th July 2012) at the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.


The deadlock was broken between the two sides when Tameka Butt gave away a penalty. Miyama converted the penalty to give Japan the lead. The game continues to be dominated by the Japanese side and in injury time Ogimi scores from a cross to double the lead before the break.


The Matilda’s come out fighting in the second half, creating a couple of chances but in the 58th minute, Homare Sawa increases the Japanese lead as she scores from a corner.


The game ended 3-0 at the National Stadium, Tokyo. The international friendly will have been great preparation for Japan’s upcoming London 2012 campaign. Their opening game at the London 2012 Olympics is against Canada, here is the full Olympic women’s football schedule.



Japan Starting Line-up Australia Starting Line-up






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  1. Jean-Paul Abidogoun 9 years ago

    Kelly Gadéa for MHSC…her shot is saved by Bouhaddi!!

    OL won the penalty kicks over MHSC and advance to the Coupe de France final!!

  2. A-Hamm 10 years ago

    There’s already buzz about Japan for 2019. Wiki says Poland & South Africa might bid, but they have a ways to go to support the women’s game. If Japan can get 20,000+ for a friendly they can do much more for the WWC. FIFA doesn’t really like joint-bids anymore, so it’ll prob just be one nation. Hopefully they air the matches so the times are better for us in North & South America. 2007 were at like 6AM, which is why there was little buzz in the US. 2015 will be almost like a home one though. Vancouver is right outside soccer hotbed Seattle. Montreal isn’t too far from NY/New England. I hope USA plays in Montreal so I can go, but that’s still a ways off.

    Speaking of WWC, I wonder when the logo for 2015 will be released. 

  3. gromit 10 years ago

    To share such an event as a WC is not very French, I’m afraid, Lars ;).

    France is a very big country (in space) and to co-host with Switzerland for instance seems to be impossible.

    And don’t forget that France will host Men’s 2016 Euro, with plenty of brand new stadiums. It’s still much too early to know if feminine football will keep on rising in France in the next 11 years (I hope so, of course) and which teams will reign over the League (and over CL ?) at the time.

    For UEFA 2016 Men Euro, the cities and stadiums that could be concerned for a feminine WC in 2023, that is 7 years later,  are : Paris (Stade de France – 81,000), Marseille (renovated – 67,500), Lyon (new one – 58,000), Lille (new one – 53,000), Paris (Parc des Princes, renovated – 47,500), Saint-Etienne (renovated – 41,000), Toulouse (renovated – 41,000), Bordeaux (new one – 43,500) and Nice (new one – 35,600).

    As you can see, there will be 4 new stadiums and 4 renovated. Only le Stade France (built for the 1998 WC) will remain untouched. What is interesting is that almost half of those cities have already a good feminine team (Lyon, Paris, Saint-Etienne), one is joining Premier League next season (Toulouse), one should be there in next years (Marseille who joined 2nd league at the end of last season). The French Federation gives an obligation to all professional clubs to develop a feminine team. So, maybe that in 11 years from now, Lille, Bordeaux and Nice will have grown something interesting…

    But all that is very far from us… Canada first, then – I really hope ! – Japan. And we already know who will be the 2019 Steffie Jones : Homare Sawa 🙂

  4. gromit 10 years ago

    Usa already hosted two WC (1999 and 2003), as well as China (1991, 2007) and one for Sweden (95), Germany (2011) and Canada (2015). So… 2019 in Japan ? Good ! Why not with Korea ? Which one ? 😉

    Then Africa maybe in 2023 or Brazil ? Then back to Europe in 2027 (England, France) ?

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